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Title: 探討阿美族青少年親密行為與性行為之預測因子
Other Titles: Exploring the Predictors of Intimate Behaviors' Experiences and Sexual Behaviors among Amis Indigenous Adolescents
Authors: 林麗美
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討阿美族青少年親密行為與性行為之預測因子。以台灣東部花蓮、台東縣市十 六所高中職學校為母群體,採兩階段隨機選樣,先選取四所高中職學校,經各校同意配合參與研究後,以班級為單位,一至三年級各個年級隨機選取四班學生為研究 對象,為提高填答的真實性,由研究者及助理至各班說明收發問卷,並以不記名進行施測,共回收有效問卷247份。結果顯示阿美族青少年79.8%曾有交友經 驗,57.9%學生曾有撫摸、擁抱、親吻的親密行為,16.6%有性行為經驗。有交友經驗及異性朋友交往人數較多的阿美族青少年,有較多親密行為的經驗。 性行為前有飲酒及用藥行為的青少年,有較多的性行為經驗。總之,預測阿美族青少年親密行為的主要因子為交友經驗與交友人數,青少年性行為前的飲酒及用藥行 為則是發生性行為的主要預測因子。研究結果將可提供校園性教育課程設計之參考。
The purpose of this research is to exploring the predictors of intimate behaviors' experiences and sexual behaviors among Amis indigenous adolescents. We chose 16 high schools as research population. The research used two-stage random sampling, and recruits 4 high schools to participate the research. We randomly chose two classes of students as our research subject in 10th to 12th degree. In order to improve the verities of the answers, the researcher and assistant gave and collected anonymous questionnaire in each class. There are 247 questionnaires had completed. There are 79.8% had intimate behaviors' experiences, 57.9% had touched, hug and kiss experiences, 16.6% of adolescents had sexual behaviors experiences. The predictors of influencing Amis indigenous' intimate behaviors including: experiences of making friend and number of making friend. The sexual behaviors of Amis indigenous adolescents were related to drinking and drug abuse before sexual intercourse. The results also showed the Amis indigenous adolescents whose drinking alcohol and drug use are more experiences on sexual behaviors. The results could be applied on sexual education program in campus.
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