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Title: 新北市雙溪區泰平里自然村名與地標名的社會建構過程:臺灣歷史數位圖書館(THDL)的應用
Other Titles: The social constructing process of village place-name and landmark place-name in the Tai-ping of Shuang-Xi, New Taipei City : The application of Taiwan History Digital Library (THDL)
Authors: 林聖欽
Sheng-Chin Lin
Issue Date: Nov-2012
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣歷史數位圖書館(THDL)典藏的契約文書檔案,提供了本文分析個案--新北市雙溪里泰平里大量的地名資料,實有助於探討泰平里自然村名與地標名的社會建構過程。透過本文的分析,從基層社會居民、行政管理需求兩個層面的社會建構過程,可用來解釋地標名不如自然村名重要的原因;但是從基層社會居民對自然村名的重視程度長期不變,而官方的自然村名記錄卻是從清代到日治時代再到戰後的大幅減少,可以說明官方行政管理需求的社會建構過程,更是導致泰平里自然村名逐漸流失的關鍵機制。也就是說,統治階級對於地名命名權的控制,不僅出現在高階層的行政區命名外,實際上,即使在低階層的自然村名、地標名層面,也有相當大的作用力,甚至可以說地名文化多樣性的漸少,作為統治階級的官方扮演了推波助瀾的關鍵性角色。
Land contract documents in Taiwan History Digital Library (THDL) provide a lot of information on place names of Tai-pin, Shuang-Xi, New Taipei City. THDL can help really to explore the social construction of village names and landmark names of Tai-pin. Grassroots social resident emphasis village names for a long time, and village names in official records are decreased gradually from Qing Dynasty, Japanese Period to the Post-war Era, which can explain that the naming right of ruling class in addition to control the administrative region name, including the villages name and landmark place. We can even say why the cultural diversity of the place name is reduced, the ruling class plays a key role in fact.
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