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Title: 海峽兩岸高中地理課程海洋教育意涵之比較:以龍騰版與人教版為例
Other Titles: The Comparative Analysis on Connotation of Marine Education in Senior High School Geographical Curriculums Between Taiwan and Mainland China: A Study of LungTen and RenJiao Version
Authors: 彭佳偉
Jia-Wei Peng
Ming-Yien Lee
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 中國政府對於「海洋中國」政策的推動不遺餘力,在高等教育與高中教育階段投入大量研發能量,產出的相關課程多為跨學科、跨領域,加速了中國海洋教育與科技的發展。四面環海、欲宣示海洋主權的臺灣,在高中階段並末規劃類似中國地理科《海洋地理〉的選修課程,而是將概念融入至地理、地科等各學科中:本研究利用內容分析法的類目表擬定描寫方式、表達方式、教育層面與內容性質等四大類目,比較海峽兩岸課程中各單元的海洋教育意涵。研究指出,中國整體內容表現以8.55 分高於臺灣的8.00 分,在表達方式、教育層面與內容性質等三項表現佳,臺灣僅描寫方式表現較佳。而臺灣教科書缺乏的「海洋概述」與「海洋開發」等兩個單元,中國次類目的評比皆達到9.00 分,臺灣則在「海岸地形」、「海水性質」與「聖嬰現象」等三個單元表現佳,應與地理科重視人地傳統的學科本質有關。故若僅計與「地理」、「人地傳統」意涵最為相關的類目,臺灣高中地理課程的評比達12.80 分,高出中國同類目評比11.30% 。由此可知,臺灣高中地理科應有發展海洋教育的基礎優勢與必要條件,建議未來在進行新課綱的課程規劃時,可融入更多的海洋教育意涵。
China government makes efforts to promote the policy of “ Marine China" and invests a large number of R&D capital in the stage of higher education and senior high school, which areaccomplishing some inter-subject curriculums, to accelerate its development on marine education and technology. Nevertheles, surrounded by sea and giving effort to announce marine sovereignty, authority concerned in Taiwan does not map out a kind of curriculum “marine geography" as China but disperses marine concepts into some subjects, such as geography and earth science. This study aims to compare the marine connotation of curriculums between Taiwan and Mainland China by using four categories of content analysis. It shows the curriculum in Mainland China has an advantage in the categories of expression, educational aspects and content characters which earning higher scores(8.55) than that in Taiwan(8.00). Performing well in a category of description, the curriculum in Taiwan shows better scores in some concepts like coastal landforms and the phenomenon of El Nino, which reveals "human-land tradition" in geography subject. That is to say, the connotation of marine education in Taiwan is much higher(l 2.8) than that in Mainland China( 11.5) if we calculate the concepts related to"geography" and the tradition. For this reason, we suggest that geography subject in our senior high school stage has its basic advantages and requirements to develop marine curriculums in the future.
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