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Title: Asymmetry in Madarin Consonant Articulations
Authors: I-Ping Wan
Issue Date: Jun-2002
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在透過認知的驗證來探討一個語音系統內特殊的現象。此現象即為([+anterior]) coronal 的語音部位在西洋的底層音韻結構內並不需被標記的。也就是說在發音的位置上,coronal會產生與其他發音位置不對稱的情形。本文是利用3500筆的漢 語語誤語料來作確認的工作。結果發現漢語使用者在語言線上傳導模型中的確對於coronal這個語音部位有特殊偏好。
This paper aims to assess the cognitive validity of the underspecification of ([+anterior]) coronals and focus on whether there is any asymmetrical behavior among dentals, retroflexes, and velars with respect to the palatalization process in Mandarin. A corpus of 3500 slips of the tongue data was analyzed and evidence presented. The analysis shows that actual speakers of Mandarin use underspecified representations on line during language production, and that coronals take part in phonological patterns which are different from those of other places of articulation.
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