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Title: Corpus-based Lexical Semantic Study of Verbs of Doubt
Other Titles: 中文認知動詞「懷疑」和「猜」的詞彙語意探討
Authors: 劉美君
Mei-chun Liu
Issue Date: Jun-2002
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文藉由觀察語料庫中「懷疑」和「猜」的語法表現,來界定此二動詞的語意區別。並利用「模組屬性」的表徵模式,將二者在事件結構及參與角色上的細部內涵表 達出來。「懷疑」和「猜」均屬低認定度的認知動詞,「懷疑」甚至可出現否定某論述的用法。在事件結構上,「猜」屬動作性的事件,可有進程,可有結果。「懷 疑」則屬狀態性的事件,可描述認知狀態的變化。本文試圖將詞彙語意的區別化約為可清楚界定的語意屬性。
This paper examines the semantic differences between the near-synonymous pair in Mandarin – ca#i and hu⇔aiy⇔i. As verbs of doubt, they are similar in marking weak epistemic assertion but differ in event structure and presuppositional strength. The analysis is based on collocation patterns of the two verbs displayed in the Sinica Corpus. A Module-Attribute representational framework is adopted in this paper for detailing the semantic distinctions.
Other Identifiers: 5768B5B3-02D8-0F70-2374-108799AA3CA0
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