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Title: 學童視力保健工作評鑑指標建構之研究
Other Titles: Study on the Constructing of Evaluation Indicators for Students' Vision Health Care
Authors: 陳政友
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在以健康促進學校的觀點來建構學童視力保健工作評鑑指標。首先根據國內、外相 關文獻,探討有關德懷術研究方法及視力保健評鑑指標設計的原則,透過探討學童視力保健評鑑工作指標之相關文獻及了解目前視力保健評鑑之實施現況,研擬出 「學童視力保健工作評鑑指標」問卷初稿。研究採德懷術研究法,邀請十位視力保健專家學者組成的德懷術專家群,完成三次來回之德懷術問卷調查並再以隨機抽樣 方式去抽取經教育部評鑑特優與推廣重點試辦學校之樣本學校施測,針對德懷術所研擬出來的評鑑指標進行適用性評估。 根據研究發現,歸納出下列結論:學童視力保健工作評鑑指標內容包含六大層面,即「學校衛生政策」、「健康服務」、「健康教學與活動」、「學校物質環境」、 「學校社會環境」及「社區關係」等,共有六十一條項目。藉由本研究結果,期能使學校衛生工作者和關心學童視力保健的人員,健康促進學校之學童視力保健工作 模式獲得進一步的了解,並將研擬出來之評鑑指標提供政府推行學童視力保健工作與工作評鑑時之參考。
The main purpose of this study was to construct evaluation indexes for students' vision health care based on the concept of Health-Promoting School. According to internal and overseas literatures related to this study, we not only investigated Delphi Method and evaluation indicators for students' vision health care, but also understood how to comments about the work of students' vision health care today, and than the first questionnaire of evaluation indicators for students' vision health care was designed. In accordance with Delphi Method, we invited ten specialists about students' vision health care to appraise the questionnaire three times. Then we used random sampling to choose the samples from the superiority and spread schools those commented by Ministry of Education to appraise Evaluations Indicators for adaptability. There are 61 items in six domains of evaluation indexes for students' vision health care. The six domains are school health policies, health services, personal health skills, the physical environment of the school, the school's social environment, and community relationships. The results of this study can be used by the government to develop the policies of students' vision health care.
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