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Title: 從中朝關係史看明清史研究的新面向─以《燕行錄》為中心
Other Titles: Discovering Ming-Qing History through Sino-Choson Studies: Focus on China Mission Record, 2000-2013
Authors: 吳政緯
Wu, Cheng-wei
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 近年來隨著《燕行錄全集》等域外漢文文獻的出版,以及諸多朝鮮史料數位化工程的成熟,為中朝關係史研究注入新動力,在議題的開展與史料的採摭上均有豐碩的斬獲。本文旨在從明清史的角度審視2000 年以來中朝關係史研究的成果,省思中朝關係史的議題與發現,能夠帶給明清史研究哪些刺激與思考。因此,本文無意全面地介紹近年來中朝關係史的研究概況,僅就「文化交流」、「華夷思想」及「書籍傳播」三方面討論。筆者認為明清史與中朝關係史的研究之間尚缺乏充分的對話,期盼藉由中朝交流史中最具成績與潛力的三種議題出發,一方面檢視近十年以來中朝關係史研究的斬獲,一方面分析做為明清史研究者,如何援引相關研究成果,深入域外文獻之林。細察此三議題的發展,如文化交流從注重國交關係到微觀文人交往,華夷思想的討論經由中朝士人間的談話,尋繹出更複雜的心態,藉由檢視中朝關係史研究的趨勢,探索明清史研究新貌。
So far the study of Sino-Choson Studies has been strangely neglected by Ming-Qing history researchers. Over the past few years a considerable number of studies and digital engineering have been made on Sino-Choson history. Although a large number of studies have been made on Sino-Choson studies, little is known about how it could influence the studies of Ming-Qing history. This paper is intended as an introduction of Sino-Choson studies and explored its future possibility in Ming-Qing studies. An exhaustive inspect of recent research achievement is not necessary in this article. This investigation would like tofocus on “Cultural Communication”, “Hua-Yi distinction”, and “Books Currency”. The purpose here is to explore a little further between “Ming-Qing” and “Sino-Choson” by these three issues. Taking a focus on recent survey on China Mission Record, the issues of cultural communication has taken some important steps in this direction. The researchers turned their attention from “national diplomacy” to “literati intercourse”, and went deep into more complicated mentality of Sino-Choson literati. On the one hand, I will inspect the result of Sino-Choson studies since 2000, on the other hand reflection onsome of these will make clear that the significance of Sino-Choson studies in Ming-Qing history.
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