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Title: 推陳出新
Other Titles: Bringing forth the New out of the old: A Study on the Composition of the Funeral Rituals of Tang Dezong and Shunzong
Authors: 吳麗娛
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史學系
Department of History, NTNU
Abstract: 《崇豐二陵集禮》是憲宗即位初期由禮官太常丞裴墐撰作的德宗、順宗喪禮儀注。由於此書已佚且極少見於記載, 故本文試從史料中蒐集相關綫索以力求恢復該書的風貌。並比較它與顏真卿《大唐元陵儀注》在製作背景上的不同, 認爲前者是建中初試圖恢復《開元禮》而重建大唐帝國的產物, 後者則代表了永貞元和之際建功立業的政治理念和總體趨新的學術意向。二書的製作, 使皇帝喪禮儀注的「國恤」得以恢復和再造, 也使以儒家精神為國家葬禮指導的原則得以重申, 從而徹底結束了皇帝喪禮無本可依的狀況,使喪禮儀式本身向着實用化、定式化的方向發展了。
The Funeral Rituals of Tang Dezong and Shunzong was composed by Pei Jin, an Assistant Minister of the Court of Imperial Sacrifices at the beginning of the reign of Tang Xianzong. However, this work had been lost and seldom been mentioned in other literatures. Therefore this paper focuses on recovering the structure of this book and explaining the background of its composition by comparing with The Annotation of the Funeral Ritual of Tang Daizong, whose compiler was Yan Zhenqing. This paper states that The Annotation of the Funeral Ritual of Tang Daizong was the result of reconstructing the Kaiyuan Rites in early 780s so as to reclaim the greatness of the Tang Dynasty. In contrast, The Funeral Rituals of Tang Dezong and Shunzong mirrored the new political culture and academic trends of the early 9th century. The two books, both followed Confucian rules, jointly offered very practical and standard models for the imperial funeral rituals of middle period China.
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