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Title: 吐蕃部落聯盟時期宰相雛型與官員設置研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Prototype of Prime Minister and Officials Set during the TribalAlliance of Tubo Period
Authors: 林冠群
Lin, Kuan-chun
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 吐蕃史官於〈吐蕃贊普傳記〉中將吐蕃王廷之一切完善良法盡劃歸於松贊干布一君之功。惟完善的制度不可能憑空的突然出現,因此在松贊干布之前的吐蕃部落聯盟時期應即有設官分治的行政架構雛型產生。本文以史學方法與藏語文知識從《敦煌古藏文卷子》的〈吐蕃贊普傳記〉尋找松贊干布前的宰相及官員的線索,探明吐蕃部落聯盟時期的宰相雛形及官員設置的現象。從〈吐蕃贊普傳記〉中有關吐蕃部落聯盟宰相的記載,可以瞭解部落聯盟的宰相所負責的政務及職權,其中包括有外交事務、政務謀劃、行政與司法的裁決、建立制度與辦法、守衛贊普、糾舉謀反、領兵作戰以及在朝議中主導議題。而〈吐蕃贊普傳記〉中所出現的官職名稱及其職掌,如內侍官、近侍官、財稅官及管理奴戶的內臣等,則可說明吐蕃在部落聯盟時期已經約略有內廷與外朝官的分別。由以上的官員職稱,可知官員的職掌劃分已逐漸明確,並由論贊弄囊任命四任宰相的情形,得知其時宰相並非終身制。因此吐蕃官僚體制的大致架構,在松贊干布之父論贊弄囊時即已建立。由此可知,松贊干布王廷的完善良法,為承繼前人的腳步逐漸發展所成,並非松贊干布一朝所創建而成者。
The Tubo historian officials had attribute all of those well designs legislative of Tubo court by《the Biography of TuboBtsan-po》 to Srong-bstansgam- po himself alone. However proper system may not show up suddenly, thus during the period of Tubo alliance period before Srong-bstan-sgam-po, it should be generate certain administrative institution prototypes. This article has applied historiography research method and Tibetan linguistic knowledge, the author tries to search clues about prime minister and officials before the ruling of Srong-bstan-sgam-po, that derives from the 《Account Tibetan Documents from Dunhuang (shogdrilyig rigs)》〈the Old Tibetan Annals〉,《the Biography of TuboBtsan-po》. Figures out the phenomenon of prototype of prime minister and officials, during the Tubo alliance period. 《the Biography of TuboBtsan-po》had written about the prime minister of Tubo alliance. It can be realized those political mission and authority of prime minister. This documentary had appeared certain official position and their duty, such as, Chamberlain officials (snampyipa), Valet officials (btsanpovizhavbringsnang ma pa), officials of financial and tax (mngan), officials that managed slave households (kholtshabnangblon). This might declares there are roughly difference between inner and outer court during the Tubo alliance period. Those official titles shown above should proved the duty and responsibility of official had been clearly gradually. Therefore, those well designs legislative of Tubo courts were built up and develop by the steps previous generations, it is not set up just only by the period of Srong-bstansgam- po.
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