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Title: 遼代書法的歐陽詢影響
Other Titles: The Impact of Ou-yang Xun in Liao Dynasty’sCalligraphy
Authors: 黃緯中
Huang, Wei-chung
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 歐陽詢(557-641)是初唐最重要的書法家之一,他的楷書對後人的影響尤大,被譽為「楷法極則」。晚唐到北宋初期間,學習歐陽詢書法者頗多,蔚為一股風氣,這股風潮更影響至日本與朝鮮等地,同時對於契丹人所建立的遼也產生相當明顯的影響。以往在中國書法史的研究上,遼代部分幾乎是一片空白,談及遼代書法的文章少之又少。近二十年來,有較多的遼代碑刻出土,讓我們對遼代書法有了更多的認識。而從這些碑刻得以看出,自遼初起歐體字便是最流行的書體,不論是一般的碑誌或帝王、帝后的哀冊大多具有歐體特徵,足見歐陽詢的書法於遼代影響特別大。本文即以「遼代書法的歐陽詢影響」為題,對這個特殊的現象作進一步的瞭解,並試著尋繹其中的原由,以此為遼代書法研究的敲門磚,希冀能夠增進讀者對此一段書法史的瞭解。論文主要部分為「晚唐五代的歐陽詢風尚」、「現存遼代書跡概況」和「歐陽詢書風在遼代之流行」和「結語」四段。首段旨在說明九世紀以來歐陽詢書法有比以前流行的傾向,其風氣甚至影響到鄰近的新羅和日本;次段則概略說明現存遼代書跡的大致情形;再次則專述歐體書法在遼代的流行情形;最後則嘗試對此現象加以解釋,期能得到更深入的瞭解。
Ou-yang Xun (557-641) is one of the most important calligraphers in Early Tang Dynasty. He constructed the paradigm of regular script and was highlypraised by lots of contemporary literati. Between Late Tang and Early Northern Song (about 9-11th century), the trend of learning Ou-yang Xun’s calligraphicalstyle aroused. This wave was so tremendous that even the neighboring countries were infected, such as Japan and Silla. At the same time, there were many Ouyang Xun’s style calligraphy works to be created in Liao Dynasty, which also demonstrated the huge influence of Ou-yang Xun in these times.In the past research of Chinese calligraphy history, scholars didn’t give Liao Dynasty enough concern. Through analyzing the calligraphy style of Liao tabletinscriptions unearthed in recent years, this articletry to conduct some primary research on history of Liao calligraphy. Hope this study could attract moreconcern on this topic.
Other Identifiers: 10F742C3-13C8-CEF3-A49B-D45A49C96D3F
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