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Title: 從歷史學科課程評析英國國定課程改革之理論與實際
Other Titles: Curriculum Reform of the National Curriculum in England : The Subject of History
Authors: 蔡清田
Issue Date: Jan-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在闡述英國「國定課程」的課程改革背景與課程政治學相關理論實際問題,作者並從英國「國定課程歷史學科」的課程改革途徑與課程改革本質,說明英國「國定課程」背後的中央政府權威控制之政治原理、科目傳統文化傳遞之社會原理等課程改革的課程政治學理論,進而分析「國定課程歷史學科」的「成就目標」與「學習方案」的課程改革之政治意涵,論述強調「國家認同」的「文化選擇」之英國「意識型態國家機器」與「大英國化」美夢的落空;最後,作者一方面從中央政府集權的課程控制觀點,評議其國家權力主導的課程改革途徑,另一方面從國家文化認同之社會價值變革、國家教育「法定命令」之教材變革、與傳遞中央政府指定內容之教學方法變革層面,指陳其以「國家認同」為依據的課程改革實際本質。
In this paper, the author first describes the innovation of the National Curriculum in the context of the 1988 Educational Reform Act in the United Kingdom, in particular, the subject of History in the National Curriculum in England. The author analyzes the approach to curriculum planning and points out that the central government control as a political principle and cultural transmission as a social principle under the National Curriculum History. Then, the author highlights the Attainment Targets and Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum History and argues national identity as the nature of the curriculum change sought in this curriculum reform. Finally the author makes critical observations on this innovation, in particular, the central-government-Power-based curriculum planning and the national-culture-identity-based curriculum change, as an approach to curriculum reform.
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