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Title: 課程統整情境中國小教師後設認知之分析研究
Other Titles: An Analysis of Metacognitive Skills for Elementary School Teachers within Curriculum Integrated Context
Authors: 柯志恩
Issue Date: Mar-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 過去有關課程統整的討論中,均強調「課程內容」上的整合,但這不意味從內容著眼是達成課程改革的唯一途徑。在統整背後,教師的思維歷程、訊息組織及執行計畫時所涉及的後設認知能力可以說在課程統整的研究領域中,提供另一層參照脈絡。據此,本研究在課程統整情境中,針對國小低年級教師,採用質的研究法,藉由參與觀察法及後設對話導向的深度訪談,來探究教師在推動課程方案時其所牽涉的後設認知歷程,內涵包括自我計畫、自我選擇、自我覺知、自我監控及自我修正。研究發現:(一)在統整歷程前,運用最多的為自我連結能力;(二)執行活動最精熟的為自我監控及修正能力;(三)透過後設對話,能讓教師重新詮釋統整定義,並落實教學實踐;(四)後設技能之發展有賴自我反思與學科專業知能的培養;(五)後設認知可藉由訓練而加以提升。
The Minister of Education made clear in its Curriculum Guidelines for the Compulsory School Curriculum the claim that the school curriculum should emphasize the integration of rationality and sensibility, knowledge and action, as well as humanities and technology. Team teaching was also suggested as a means to reach the integrated goal. The issue of curriculum integration had been argued for many years. Moving towards curriculum integration fielded a variety of challenges to established authority structures, ownership of knowledge, and professional identity.There is no curriculum development without teacher development. In order to enrich the integrated competence of elementary teachers, this study explores the metacognitive skills that elementary teachers bring into the context of curriculum integration. The study will use participant-observation, metacognitive dialogue- oriented in-depth interviews, focus groups, and document analysis to investigate how teachers to use the metacognitive skills, such as in self-planning, self-selecting, self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-tuning, on the development of integrated curriculum. The implications for metacognitive skill training are discussed.
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