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Title: 「問題本位學習」協同行動中教師課程與教學的創新歷程
Other Titles: Teachers' Creative Learning Process in a Problem-based Learning Action Research Project
Authors: 呂金燮
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以「問題本位學習」的精神為立足點,分別在六所國小的資優班進行一年的協同行動研究。在此行動研究中,我們將創造力和問題解決能力結合為「創造性問題解決能力」的單一複雜概念,課程行動的焦點在於善用資優兒童的遊戲特質,透過問題本位學習的探究,引領出學生的自主性,將創造力化為問題解決的行動力。問題本位學習顛倒教學的歷程,不但重建教師對教學角色的認同,也提供了一個空間,醞釀與淬礪出行動教師的凝聚力與創意。為了增加問題情境中學術思維與認知複雜度的內涵,團隊教師選擇以擬真情境經營問題本位學習,在角色責任賦予與情境虛實間,兒童的想像力與隱喻有了展現的鷹架。但是,問題結構度的掌握與弱結構下對兒童思考的引導與介入,是教師歷程中最大的挑戰,而找出課程調整與漸次引導兒童的原則,則是團隊教師後續努力的焦點。
Based on the philosophy of problem-based learning, this action research project designed a curriculum program to help gifted students transform their imaginations into specific actions in order to solve problems. It began with the premise that implementing problem-based learning is a creative learning process for students as well as for teachers. Nine teachers in the field of gifted education, responsible for conducting the curriculum program, were made to face the “open” problem scenario and solve the problems encountered while guiding students to become more creative. As a result, those teachers have reconstructed their role identities as “teacher” and themselves become more creative. Future study of this research team will focus on integrating a problem-based learning curriculum program into ordinary gifted education and on discovering the most essential principles for the guiding of gifted students.
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