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Title: 幼稚園品牌行銷、品牌權益與家長行為意向之研究
Other Titles: Brand Marketing, Brand Equity, and Parents' Behavior Intention at Kindergartens
Authors: 黃義良
Yi-Lian Huang
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討幼稚園品牌行銷、品牌權益與家長行為意向的現況,並探討各變項間之關聯。為達研究目的,研究透過自編問卷進行調查並分析資料。採分層隨機方式抽取臺灣地區100所私立幼稚園的園長、保育員與家長共1,200位進行調查,得有效樣本735人。研究發現,受試者知覺幼稚園品牌行銷、品牌權益和家長行為意向的情形,整體而言尚屬良好,但各構面間有落差;在徑路關係方面,品牌行銷影響品牌權益、品牌權益影響家長行為意向,亦即,品牌行銷對家長行為意向具有直接和間接效果;整體而言,本研究的結構模式可適用於不同群組,但在部分因素的負荷量上稍有差異;而在背景變項上,以「家長身分、較大規模、具有直營機構」的受試者知覺各變項的運作情形較為理想。
The purpose of this study was to explore the current status of brand marketing, brand equity, and parents' behavior intention at kindergartens, as well as to assess the correlation between these variables. A survey was conducted using self-edited questionnaires ,and then data were analyzed. 1200 directors, child-care workers ,and parents from 100 private kindergartens in Taiwan were selected through stratified random sampling, and 735 questionaires were returned with valid responses. It was found that brand marketing, brand equity, and parents' behavior intention were well perceived as a whole. However, there was a significant difference between these dimensions. In pass relations, it was found that brand marketing would affect brand equity, brand equity had an impact on parents' behavior intention, and brand marketing had direct and indirect effects on parents' behavior intention. In general, the structural model of the study could apply to different groups. However, there was a slight difference in partial factor loading. As to background variables, subjects who were “parents at large-scale units with direct managing organization” had better perception of each variable.
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