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Title: 家長參與學校教育
Other Titles: Parent Involvement in Education: Practitioners' and Scholars' Perspectives
Authors: 吳璧如
Issue Date: Jul-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解實務工作者與學者對於家長在其子女教育過程中應扮演的角色、家長需要參與學校教育的原因、家長宜參與學校教育的內容、及阻礙家長參與學校教育的因素等看法。本研究計對22位實務專家及理論專家進行開放式問卷調查,將所得資料進行內容分析;資料分析的方法為百分比統計、寇克蘭考驗、及費雪正確機率考驗等。研究結果顯示,家長在其子女教育過程中應扮演的角色以「支持者」及「教導者」為主;家長需要參與學校教育的主要原因在於參與所產生的效能;家長宜參與學校教育的內容主為擔任學校義工、參加學校舉辦的活動、及參與學校決策;家長參與學校教育的阻礙主要來自家長實質和心理上的因素以及學校人員的負面態度等。
The purpose of this study was to obtain the opinions of practitioners and scholars on four issues in parent involvement in education. There were 22 experts surveyed for the open-ended questionnaires. Then a quantitative content analysis of the data was conducted. The findings of the study include: 1. The main parent involvement roles are Supporter and Teacher; 2. Parents need to be involved primarily because of the benefits of parent involvement; 3. The main types of parent involvement are Volunteering and Decision-making; 4. The obstacles to parent involvement include primarily psychological and physical barriers of parents and the negative attitudes of school personnel.
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