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Title: 性取向污名之建構、抗拒與轉化
Other Titles: Resistance and Transformation of Students' Perceptions toward Stigmatized Homosexuality
Authors: 林昱貞
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 在中小學校園裡,正式課程看不見多元性取向的教學;潛在課程處處可見對同性戀的偏見與敵意;主流性教育論述更是隱含異性戀霸權與恐同情結。在這種結構建制下的個人,如果不思省察,很容易變成性別暴力的幫兇。為營造一個「對同志友善」與「多元性別平等」的校園空間,本研究採合作式行動研究的方式,結合校外研究人員與基層教師的資源與智慧,共同設計、發展一堂高中的同志教育課程,以期學生能去除對同性戀的污名與迷思,並嘗試瞭解同性戀、接納同性戀。本研究也希望能提供學校教師作為實施同志教育之參考資源,因此,文中將呈現課程發展的辯證性歷程、反污名教學過程師生對話互動的張力,以及學生的抗拒與回應。最後,並從本次教學實踐中,提煉出實施同志教育課程應注意之原則。
This article utilized collaborative action research for developing and evaluating a new curriculum for senior high school students on changing their phobia, prejudice, and discrimination towards gay and lesbian. Realizing that homosexuality was stigmatized and mythologized among high school students, the researchers designed a unit of homosexual curriculum for a group of high school students. Two members of the research team observed the teaching process while the other one deliver the curriculum. After the class, students were interviewed and surveyed to evaluate the curriculum effect. Dialectical process of curriculum development, change in students' perceptions toward homosexuality, and teacher-student interaction process in class was described. Implications for gender education were discussed.
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