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Title: 權力下放與教師的專業自主
Other Titles: Decentralization and Teacher Professional Autonomy--Reflection on the Educational Reform Experiences of Hong Kong and Taiwan
Authors: 黎萬紅
Issue Date: Dec-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 面對全球化的衝擊,港臺兩地均積極進行教育改革。權力下放以及提高教師的專業自主性,成為了兩地教育改革共通的主要政策方向。在權力下放政策下,兩地中央政府的角色獲得了重新的定位,地方教育部門的角色日形重要,校本管理更成為重要的改革措施。綜觀兩地的經驗,教育分權充其量是介乎分散與委派管理的狀態。在多重機構權力重新定位的情境下,在學校層面,增加了各特分者的參與機會,然而,香港教師的參與代表性非常低,臺灣學校引入了較多的家長及教師的參與,學校微觀政治卻日趨複雜。面對日趨複雜的工作環境,兩地教師的脆弱性日增。要真正釋放教師的專業空間,相信需要政策及學校層面的改革配合。教師的增權,仍是兩地一條漫長的追尋道路。
Hong Kong and Taiwan have initiated reform efforts in their educational system in an attempt to cope with the challenges of globalization.Decentralization and teacher professionalization have been among the major policy changes in educational policy. Under the new policies, the roles of the state and local educational departments have indeed changed, and their responsibilities in education have been altered. School-based management has been used as a major strategy for facilitating educational reform. In the course of decentralizing power and shifting responsibilities to the schools, the stateof affairs in both educatonal systems can be characterized as progressing from deconcentration to delegation. At the school level, the participation of various stakeholders has been enhanced; however, unlike that in Taiwan, the participation of Hong Kong teachers is considered low. In Taiwan, parents and teachers have stronger involvement in school affairs, but micro-politics have also given rise to complications with regard to operations. Having to face the challenges of micro-politics in school, the vulnerability of the teachers inthese two societies has become more apparent. There is a need for further reformat both the policy and school levels for authentic professional autonomy to be actualized. The empowerment of teachears remains an arduous process in the pursuit of teachers' professionalism.
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