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Title: 教育學門國際期刊評比之研究
Other Titles: The Study of Evaluation of International Journals in the Field of Education
Authors: 楊深坑
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過同儕審查與書目計量兩種學術期刊的評比方法,針對教育學門的國際期刊進行評比與分級,做為臺灣教育學術界進行學術評審之用。首先,使用問卷調查法,蒐集國內學者對於教育學門國際期刊的評比;其次,使用書目計量分析方法,分析國內、外教育期刊引用情形,國外部分以ISI的JCR影響係數為主,國內部分則分析近5年教育學門優良期刊的外文參考文獻引用情形;最後,合併國內學者評價、影響係數及國內教育TSSCI期刊引用次數等3項指標,經由群集分析將教育學門的國際期刊分為4級。本研究除將教育學門國際期刊分為4級之外,亦提出以下6項建議:國際期刊評比宜採取多元學術評鑑方法、教育學門國際期刊應進行後續的追縱評鑑、發展非SSCI國際期刊的評鑑方法、提升國內學者對於非SSCI國際期刊的熟悉度、未來國際期刊評比研究可區分次領域進行深入評比、國內教育學門學術期刊應建立引用資料庫。
The purpose of the research is to establish a ranking system on international journals in the field of education through peer review and bibliometrics. First, we conduct a questionnaire survey of Taiwanese scholars to ascertain their opinions of various international journals. Secondly, we analyze the bibliography of the top educational journals in Taiwan to see how often articles were cited within the past five years. Thirdly, we collected journal lists from the Institute for Scientific Information and used the impact factor as one of our major criteria. Finally, we combined the outcome of impact factor, peer review from Taiwanese scholars, and the TSSCI citation frequency to rank these international journals into four levels. Through the study we suggested that there needs to be more evaluation of international journals by means of multiple academic evaluation methods, continuing evaluation of international journal rankings, further development of non-SSCI evaluation methods, getting Taiwanese scholars more familiar with non-SSCI international journals, a follow-up analysis of international journal rankings in the sub-fields of education, and creating a database for a citation index of international educational journals in Taiwan.
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