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Title: 教師是專業或是觀念簡單性的忠誠執行者?文化再製理論的檢證
Other Titles: Are Teachers Professional Educators or Loyal Implementers with Conceptual Simplicity? A Study of Cultural Reproduction
Authors: 姜添輝
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 文化再製理論揭示社會階級再製根源於學校課程內容,其運作環節是藉由知識結構與屬性的階級排他性,以達到社會控制的目的。此種控制機制的運作往往依賴於教師,應對於此種關聯性,本研究對7位國語科種子教師進行24次深度訪談。研究發現顯示受訪者並未脫離「工具理性」的束縛,甚至扮演「忠誠的執行者」,此種現象根源於欠缺文化批判的視野,因而以「歸因論」來合理化教育結果的不公平,致使他們以「心理學導向思維」處理低成就學生的問題,「適性發展」導引出的「一技之長」不但未能解決此種問題,甚至強化「文化再製」的可能性。
Some sociologists have recently argued that social reproduction is determined more by cultural than by economic factors. From their viewpoint, social mobility is generally conditioned by schools through the unique structure of curricular knowledge, and such a social control mechanism is largely reliant upon teachers due to their key role in the process of delivering teaching practices. This study attempted to examine the characteristics of teachers' values and behavior by means of qualitative data collected from 7 primary teachers in 24 interviews. Research evidence showed that instead of asking“why,” our informants were generally more concerned with“how” in their quest to achieve pre-determined educational goals. Under the constraints of such an instrumental rationality, they can be characterized as loyal implementers with conceptual simplicity. This phenomenon results from the lack of a critical-cultural vision. This simplistic and anti-intellectual mind-set made our informants neglect the problem of the educational system itself, and instead blame factors outside the system like parents' values or efforts and pupils' intellectual capacities. Furthermore, their behavior was generally constrained within the limits of a psychological orientation, as seen in their ways of managing under-achieving students. However, such an approach was not only unable to help these students; it was also likely to increase the possibility of cultural reproduction.
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