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Title: 批判教育學在臺灣
Other Titles: The Development and Difficulties of Critical Pedagogy in Taiwan
Authors: 林昱貞
Issue Date: Dec-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 發展自中南美洲,並由北美Henry Giroux、Peter McLaren等人所倡議之「批判教育學」,自1980年代以來已成為西方世界裡頭左派知識份子用以批判新右派、新保守主義、新自由主義、教育市場化的主要論述利器,同時也為饒富批判、解放色彩的教育實踐開啟另一扇希望之窗。隨著臺灣近年來政治、經濟、社會文化的急遽變遷,批判教育學在臺灣也從早年不談、「諱」談的受忽視狀態,一躍而流行的批判語言。為了瞭解批判教育學在臺灣被引用、應用的狀況;相關研究的應用範疇、分析焦點;及其隱藏的困境與問題等。本文第一部分先從批判教育學的理論源流與發展歷程、理論內涵出發,對批判教育學的發展脈絡作一整全性的理解。第二部分筆者透過中華民國期刊論文索引系統,對於國內批判教育學的相關研究進行廣蒐集、論述分析,以瞭解批判教育學在臺灣的發展現狀和困境,並為將來相關研究的發展方向提出建言。本研究發現國內對於批判教育學的引介和應用有下列問題:1.見樹不見林的理解;2.理論與實踐的失衡;3.去脈絡化的批判語言;4.缺代教師作為轉化型知識份子的實踐性研究;5.缺乏以正面觀點看待學生抗拒的文化研究等問題,這些困境有待後續研究者持續進行批判教育學的轉化與本土扎根工作。
Since the 1980's, critical pedagogy, particularly its ideological and political aspects, has become a powerful discourse presenting a great challenge to American education. On account of its critical and liberal approach, critical pedagogy has been introduced and applied more widely by Taiwanese academics. Inorder to understand the application, this paper explores the development and difficulties of critical pedagogy in Taiwan. First, it introduces the backgroundand major concepts of critical pedagogy. Second, it discusses related researchin Taiwn. Finally, it makes some suggestions for further research. The results demonstrate that research in critical pedagogy in Taiwan has the following problems: 1.Critical pedagogy is only partially understood; 2. There is an imbalance between theory and practice; 3. Critical language is decontextualized; 4. Research about teachers as transformative intellectuals has been lacking; and 5. Research as to the resistance of student culture has been limited. Suggestions are presented at the end of this paper.
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