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Title: 資料包絡分析在高級中學教育監控指標系統之應用
Other Titles: The Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Senior High and Vocational School Monitoring Indicator Systems
Authors: 吳政達
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 資料包絡分析(Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA)對高級中學教育監控指標系統的主要應用,在於利用實際可觀察到的投入產出資料,在不需預設生產函數的形式下,求取各決策單位(Decision Making Unit, DMU)生產效率的比較值。此不僅可用於單一投入及單一產出的傳統比率分析,亦可用於多項投入與多項產出的複雜狀況。本研究以教育部研究委員會87學年度高級中學現況調查資料進行公立高中職教育監控實證分析,主要發現如下:1.全國公立高中職學校的整體效率分析達到相對有效率的學校共34所,為全部學校的16.19%。2.全國公立高中職學校具有技術效率的學校共66所,為全部學校的31.43%。3.全國公立高中職學校具有規模效率的學校共37所,為全部學校的17.62%。4.參考集合分析則針對有效率學校進一步區辨其效率排名,由排名來看,公立高中學校普遍比公立高職學校表現優異。5.無效率的公立高中職在整體效率與技術效率方面須做改善的項目,在產出項主要為升學率以及中途輟學率;投入項,以資本門優先。
In order to know the comparative value of the output efficiency of each decision-making unit without calculating output function, the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) of senior high and vocational school monitoring indicator systems must use the observable input and output data. Such an analysis not only serves the purposes of the traditional analysis of single input and output; it also fits the complex conditions of multiple input and output. Using data from the Ministry of Education for the 1998 academic year, this study conducted an empirical analysis of educational monitoring systems in public senior high and vocational schools in Taiwan. The main findings are as follows: 1. About 34 schools achieved a relative degree efficiency; these comprised 16.19% of all public senior high and vocational schools; 2. About 66 schools (comprising 31.43% of all public senior high and vocational schools) achieved technical efficiency; 3. About 37 schools (17.62%) achieved scale efficiency; 4. In general, public senior high schools were more efficient than public vocational schools; 5. If inefficient public senior high and vocational schools wanted to achieve greater over-all efficiency, the output items needing to be first improved were promotion rate (65.88%) and dropout rate (30.74%).
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