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Title: 大專原住民族及漢族學生多元族群校園經驗與學習發展之研究
Other Titles: The Impact of Campus Experience on Aboriginal and Han College Students at a Multi-Racial Institute of Technology
Authors: 劉若蘭
Issue Date: Mar-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要探討多元族群技術學院中,原漢族群學生的個人因素、校園經驗,對其學業成就與心理社會發展之影響。研究結果發現:(一)原住民族學生的一年級成績、學術投入與漢族同學互動及學業成就,均顯著低於漢族學生,惟與原住民同學互動顯著高於漢族學生。(二)一年級成績與學術投入,為原住民族與漢族學生學業成就的主要預測變項。(三)自我概念、人際整合為原住民族學生心理社會發展的主要預測變項。(四)自我概念、學術投入、人際整合,以及與原住民同學互動,為漢族學生心理社會發展的主要預測變項。歸納上述研究發現,本研究提出來未在高等教育校園中促進多元族群學生學習與發展的建議。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of campus experiences on aboriginal and Han college students in a multi-racial institute of technology. The research samples were 215 aboriginal and 360 Han fourth-year female students in the five-year nursing program. The questionnaire for the study consisted of: a self-concept scale, college campus experience scale and psychosocial development scale. The aboriginal college students significantly lower than the Han college students in both academic involvement and interactions with Han college students. The only variable that the aboriginal college students scored significantly higher in was interaction with aboriginal college students. Other findings were described, and finally, recommendations for pedagogical practice were presented.
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