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Title: P. Freire的批判教學論對於教師實踐教育改革的啟示
Other Titles: P. Freire's Critical Pedagogy and Its Implications for Teachers Implementing Educational Reforms in Taiwan
Authors: 李奉儒
Issue Date: Sep-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 今日臺灣教育改革風潮如火如荼地推動,但也激起各種批判與反省的聲音。有鑑於此,本文採取哲學思考的方法,分析Freire批判教學論的主張,並探究其對基層教師面對與實踐教育改革的可能啟示。本文首先探究Freire的主要教育議題,包括:1.恢復人性的實踐;2.批判意識的覺醒;3.解放教育的實踐;4.教育即是政治的行動;5.教師作為文化工作者;以及6.對話教育與提問教學。本文其次根據Freire批判教學論的反思,檢視臺灣目前的教育改革風潮,提出五個啟示作為教師面對教育改革可以作為的理念與原則,包括:1.實踐人性化的教學論;2.發展批判的解放教師;3.運用提問與對話的教學;4.揭露教育改革的神話;以及5.教師成為教育改革的推手。
This article analyzes Freirean pedagogy and draws some implications for teachers facing the challenges from recent educational reforms in Taiwan. The themes of Freirean pedagogy discussed include the following: (1) the praxis of humanization, (2) the process of critical consciousness-raising, (3) the praxis of libertarian education, (4) education as political action, (5) teachers as cultural workers, and (6) the pedagogy of dialogue and problem-posing. Based on Freirean pedagogy, a few guidelines are proposed for teachers to use when implementing educational reforms, including: (1) the praxis of humanizing pedagogy, (2) teachers as critical libertarian educators, (3) the employment of dialogue and problem-posing education in libertarian classrooms, (4) the de-mystification of educational reforms, and (5) teachers as actors of educational reforms.
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