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Title: 德國中小學學生法律地位之萌芽期
Other Titles: The Initial Period of German Students' Legal Status in Middle and Elementary Schools
Authors: 張源泉
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: "歷史上,臺灣的教育法體系主要繼受於德國法,為釐清其歷史根源,本文探討德國中小學學生法律地位之萌芽期,先由歷史發展的角度,闡釋德國公共教育之濫觴;而後再進一步說明公共教育興起後,學生法律地位之相關理論,此包含國家概念與法律保留原則等;最後探討學生法律地位之內涵。德國教育體制的建立,源自教會之學習機構;至十八世紀末,普魯士在啟蒙運動與開明專制的背景下,建立了義務教育制度,以此促使學者展開對於學生法律地位之研究。傳統的德國在學關係是一種「營造物關係」;營造物被視為國家的一部分,其使用與管理均屬於國家內部事宜,無須受到法律規範;行政機關有權制定特殊的內部規則,亦無須符合法律保留原則。學生處於營造物關係之特別權力關係中,必須受到校規的特別管束,從而喪失其獨立的公民主體身分。"
"Taiwan inherited a system of educational law from Germany long ago. This study was aimed to discuss the initial period of German students' legal status of in middle and elementary schools. Firstly, this study analyzed the sources of German public education from a historic viewpoint. Then, it explained related theories of students' legal status, including the concept of state and the principle of legal retention. Finally, this study explored the contents of students' legal status. The establishment of German educational system derived from churches. Due to the background of Enlightenment and enlightened absolutism, Prussia established the system of mandatory education in late 18 century and stimulated researches on students' legal status. The tradition relationship in German schools was a kind of institute-relationship. Institutes were regarded as a part of the country. Their usage and management belonged to internal affairs of the country without restriction of the law. Administrative organizations had power to set up particular internal regulations, unrestricted by the principle of legal retention. In such a special power relationship, Students had to be restrained by school regulations; moreover, they lost their independent status as citizens."
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