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Title: 批判性思考即為通識教育
Other Titles: Critical Thinking as a General Education
Authors: 溫明麗
Issue Date: Nov-1997
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要論述批判性思考是通識教育所欲培養的能力與氣質之一。由於本文並非探討批判性思考的內涵,而且批判性思考的本質與內涵自一九七0年代以降發展至今日,已粗具共識。故本文並未對批判性思考的本質與內涵或定義的歷史發展作進一步的闡述─指批判性思考乃具有自主性之理性思維與智慧,而以追求美好生活為鵠的。筆者首先分析教育改革的核心乃通識教育;且無論通教教育的內涵為何,其根本精神均為獨立自主性之個體自我實現其美好生活。繼之,筆者論述指判性思考所彰顯的特色與人文精神相通;最後,自闡述批判性思考教學所展現的特色,以及教學所需的條件與所欲達成的目的,證成批判性思考的教學法正是培養通識教育之人文精神的有效方法。質言之,即使通識教育的內容可能因時、空與人、事的變化而有所不同,但是其根本精神仍是人文性;人文性的內容雖然雜多,但是批判性思考乃為其核心。故本文乃論證批判性思考是一種通識教育,且批判性思考的教學雖不是通識教育的唯一方法,但卻可以說是培養通識教育的良方。
This article is to argue for critical thinking as a general education The definition and contents of critical thinking in this article are not discussed yet, but a consensus among scholars in this field has been reached since last year on the 16th Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform held in Sonoma State University. The characteristics of critical thinking are autonomy and rational thoughts for making a good life. First, the author argues that the core element of educational reform in Taiwan is emphasized upon general education and the fundamental goal of general education is to achieve a good life in which a whole person is autonomous and self-actualisating. Further, the similarity between critical thinking and libertarian idea is worked out. It is the capacity, courage and will to be free from non-rational and╱or coercive authority or ideology. Then, it show that teaching for critical thinking is to reach the aim of general education in terms of humanity. The contents of general education may be challenged due to the change of time and space, yet its fundamental element should not be shifted from the characteristics of a whole person. In a word, the method to reach the aim of general education could be varied, but teaching for the critical thinking should be the better one of them.
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