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Title: 三位六年級教師數學課程實施之比較
Other Titles: The Implementation of Mathematics Curriculum: A Case Study of Three Sixth-grade Teachers
Authors: 徐偉民
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以三位不同背景的國小六年級教師為對象,探討個案教師於教室內實施數學課程的情形。本研究採用個案研究法,透過教學觀察、訪談和文件來蒐集資料,從教師使用數學任務的來源、類型和實施方式等三個面向來了解教師實施數學課程的情形。結果發現,三位教師使用的數學任務,雖然大多來自於教科書,但一位偏向調整內容以符合學生的生活經驗,男外兩位偏向忠實使用教科書的內容;三位教師使用的數學任務類型,雖然都以「有意義連結」的任務居多,但一位以小組開放討論的方式來實施,使學生大多以高認知的方式來學習數學任務,另外兩位採封閉式對話的方式來實施,使學生大多以低認知的方式來進行學習。三位教師在數學課程實施時,主要考量的因素分別是個人數學教學的信念、學校評量的政策和教學進度,以及學生的學習特性,因而呈現出不同數學課程實施的樣貌。
This study was aimed to understand how elementary school teachers implemented mathematics curriculum in their classroom, and to explore factors which influenced such processes. A case study methodology was used to compare three sixth-grade teachers with different teaching experiences and backgrounds. The primary data sources were classroom observations, teacher interviews, and documents recordedall collected during the 2009-10 school year. Data analyses indicated that most mathematics tasks which the three teachers used were from textbooks. One of the teachers usually adjusted tasks to match students' life experience, and the other teachers usually followed textbooks. Although most tasks they used were claaified as 'procedure with connection,' one teacher let her students learn mathematics tasks in a high cognitivive way, because she often used teamwork and open-ended questions. The other teachers had their students learn mathematics in a low cognitive way, because they used closed-ended questions. When the three teachers implemented mathematics curriculum, they ha different considerations, including personal mathematics teaching beliefs, school policy related to achievement tests and scheduled progress, and students' learning habits, respectively. Thus, they presented different pictures of implementing mathematics curriculum.
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