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Title: 諾爾斯與成人教育學
Other Titles: Malcolm S. Knowles and Andragogy
Authors: 陳仲彥
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 諾爾斯( Malcolm S. Knowles )一生都致力於有關成人教育的研究, 並有豐富的成人教育實務經驗, 這些學術研究與實務經驗都是諾爾斯建構「成人教育學」( Andragogy )的基礎。因此,成人教育學可說是諾爾斯一生中最重要的學術貢獻,也是成人教育研究領域內的重要觀點。雖然成人教育學一詞,並非諾爾斯所創用,不過該名詞之所以會在成人教育的研究領域內激起許多的討論與應用,卻與諾爾斯有著極為密切的關係。本文在探討有關諾爾斯與成人教育學之間的關係,全文分為:一、前言;二、諾爾斯的生平經歷;三、諾爾斯的思想淵源;四、成人教育學的建立;五、成人教育學的論辯;六、成人教育學的修正;七、結論等共七部分逐一論述。
The term "Andragogy" was not used by Malcolm S. Knowles firstly, but it's popularity resulted surely from Knowles's promotion. Knowles is a thinker and practitioner of adult education, and has much impact on the field of adult learning. This article describes the life and experiences of Knowles, the origin of his thought, how Knowles promoted Andragogy, the debate of Andragogy, and the revised view of Andragogy. Because of the promotion of Andragogy by Knowles, the significances of adult education becomes well known in contemporary society. Maybe the framework of Andragogy is still not perfect, but it's impact is so great.
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