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Title: 學習型社區中社區媽媽終身學習的內容
Other Titles: Community Mothers' Lifelong Learning Contents in the Learning Community
Authors: 郭麗玲
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 在鼓勵社區成員學習的學習型社區中,社區媽媽向來是各型學習活動的主要參與 人員。筆者概括敘述全球及台灣婦女教育的內容,然後從婦女生命週期理論及Maslow需求 層級理論來剖析我國社區媽媽的學習內容。最後以1996年UNESCO所提「四種基本的學習」 為架構,提出社區媽媽終身學習所應學習的內容。「學習知」包括一般知識、學習如何學 習及有助學習的實用技能;「學習做」包含生計與職業技能、家政指導、身心保健及轉化 應變;「學習活」則涵括優良性格的培養、有效的溝通能力及開闊的胸襟之養成;「學習 發展」則有開發潛能、自我超越及關懷公共事務三項內容。
In the learning community that encourages members to learn, community mothers are always the main and important learners in various types of learning programs. After the global and Taiwanese woman education contents was briefly described, this author analyzed the community mothers learning contents in this country based on the following theories: the Theory of woman's life cycle and Maslow's Needs Hierahical Theory. Finally, this research adopted the frame of the UNESCO'S(1996) "4 Basic learning" to suggest the ideal lifelong learning contents for community mothers. The learning contents of "learning to know" include general knowledge, learning how to learn, and some useful and practical techniques. The learning contents of "learning to do" cover career and vocational techniques, guidance of home economics, physical and mental health, transferring and adaptation. The contents of "learning to live" comprises the cultivation of good characteristics, effective communication ability, and nourishing the open mind. The contents of "learning to be" contain developing potentiality, self- surpassing and be concerned about public affairs.
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