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Title: 女性與通俗文化
Other Titles: Women and Popular Media
Authors: 陳雪雲
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 1980年代中期,婦女如何消費通俗文化的議題逐漸受到重視,本文藉由文獻分析的方法,試圖分析近年來有關女性與媒體的研究,並綜合歸納出探究通俗文化消費的理論觀點。具體言之,通俗文化是一種複雜而動態的過程,由婦女消費情形來看,可以歸納出以下三個方向:ぇ日常生活中,婦女消費通俗文化與家務活動是交織在一起,在很多情況下是家務的延伸。え婦女消費和理解通俗文化產品,是為了追求愉悅或獲取知識,她們經營是積極的消費者,至於自我超越或經驗轉化,有時候也會發生。ぉ通常,婦女是通俗文化社會的主要成員,雖然,相關研究不多,但是,她們是一群相當具有「創意」的通俗文化消費者。
The question of popular culture in general and women and media in particular has been a central concern of media studies since the mid-1980s. By reviewing a body of work, this article introduces readers to a plurality of theoretical perspectives on consumption relation to meaning and pleasure within a domestic context. It seems that three distinct dimensions of media consumption for women can be identified. At first, television viewing for women is an extension of domestic labour. Nevertheless, watching television still has a function of supplying women with means of temporary escape from the pressures of patriarchy. Secondly, female television watching is never a mindless, passive event. To make matters more complicated, women who watch television not only engage critically, but also use soaps to think and talk about their own lives. Finally, to the large extent, media fan (largely female) come together and create a space wherethey can investigate new forms for their art and for their living outside the restrictive boundaries men have placed on women's public behavior.
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