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Title: 臺北市社區婦女義工之家庭狀況、家人溝通、及社區關懷與回饋
Other Titles: Taipei Municipal Female Community Volunteers' Family Circumstances, Family Communication, Community Concern and Feedback Volition
Authors: 郭麗玲
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 此一調查研究之目的在了解臺北市十二個行政區中, 社區婦女義工之一般家庭狀況,家務負擔及家人溝通的情形。並探討她們對社區關懷,回饋社會的意願及學習意願。研究發現:社區婦女義工有強烈的回饋意願,甚至願意自費學習相關知能以利於服務,並自行安排家中老人及幼兒照料的問題。社區婦女義工並未疏忽家人的照顧,並有良好的家人溝通,在家庭裡,她們也是好媽媽。可惜的是這些婦女人力並未被充分運用於社區服務的並務中。若在社區中能有較完善的托老、托兒服務,更具彈性的義工工作項目及時段安排,相對社區服務能在這些熱忱的婦女義工之支持下,達到〞老有所終,壯有所用,幼有所長〞的理想社區營造。
In order to understand family circumstances, the housekeeping burden, the family communication, the community concern, the feedback volition toward the society, and the learning willingness of female community volunteers, this survey was based on the data collected from the population of female community volunteers within 12 administrative areas in the Taipei Municiple. This study found: *Female were not fully utilized in community services. *Females had strong feedback volition toward the society. *They were willing to learn related knowledge and skills, even pay by themselves, before served to the society. *Housewife volunteers arranged the care of aged parent and the young children in their families by themselves. *Housewife volunteers did not neglect their dependents' care and communication. *Except were excellent volunteers, female community volunteers were good mothers in their families. If there are better facilities for caring aged parents and children in the community, neighbors support each other, children's problems can be consulted, the aged parents live comfortably, houswife volunteers know how to handle an effective and high-quality family communication, community females will provide perfect services to their own community neighbors. The community can be managed ideally, families live comfortably, female volunteers serve merrily. "The aged live their golden years, manhoods can be used, and the young are raised well." This is a peaceful community scene which full of truth, virtue, and beauty. It is worth for us to make our best endeavors.
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