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Title: 學步兒Roye的心智日記
Other Titles: Roye's Diaries of Mind
Authors: 張靜文
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 心智運作是一個人瞭解自己或他人心理的目的(purpose)或意圖 (intention)的歷程,心智理論探討是個體對人類心理狀態的瞭解,這些瞭解決定著我們每天的社交生活以及社會行為。 目前國內尚未有針對二歲以下幼兒進行的心智理論相關研究,為瞭解二歲以下幼兒心智能力發展的狀況,本研究乃以學步兒Roye(一歲兩個月~一歲五個月)為 研究對象,以錄影觀察及軼事記錄,分析在自然的生活情境中收集到的Roye的日常生活行為,以瞭解Roye對人們心智理解的發展狀況。 研究結果發現,在日常生活中學步兒Roye出現以下幾種理解人們心智的行為:1.表達欲求;2.瞭解(誤解)他人意圖;3.誤導他人;4.故意讓別人 笑;5.互動式扮演;6.分享與同情。這個結果與其他實驗結果對照發現,14~18個月大學步兒處在以自己的欲求、別人的欲求來理解心智的「欲求心理學」 階段。
Theory of mind means: one knows someone's intention or purpose-knowing other's knowledge, belief, thinking, doubt, guessing, pretending, liking…… There are more and more theory of mind researches in recent years, but few researches focus on toddlers. This research just focused on a toddler's (Roye, 14 months old) development of theory of mind. Through analyzing video taped and anecdotal data, we found Roye have 7 types of behaviors to understand human's mind: 1.expressing her intention, 2.understanding others' intention, 3.steering others, 4. amusing others, 5. interactive pretending play, 6. sharing and sympathizing. The findings indicated that Roye was in the stage of "desire psychology", who understanded human's mind by her desire or others' desire, not others' belief. She understood others's mind by simple desire more often than by simple emotion and perception.
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