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Title: Let's Go to Party
Other Titles: Let's Go to Party: A Qualitative Study on the MDMA-Using Behavior among Youths
Authors: 張瑜真
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究主旨在探討MDMA使用者用藥的原因與概況,以及其使用MDMA後所產生的正、負面身心反應,企圖解讀MDMA使用者的用藥行為。本研究採質性研究 方式進行,研究參與者為五位年齡介於21-28歲間曾使用MDMA的青年。 本研究發現,人格特質、同儕團體、俱樂部氛圍與某體報導,是影響青年使用MDMA與否的重要因素。研究參與者透過人際直銷方式獲取MDMA錠劑,以口服的 方式使用半顆至四顆不等,用藥的時機頻率不定但與節慶有關,使用時有多重藥物混用的現象。 MDMA的正向藥效強化了使用MDMA青年之用藥行為,但負面作用則令藥者由MDMA的愉稅藥效中驚醒,開始體認使用MDMA對健康有所危害的事實。最 後,本研根據結果提出具體建議,以做為擬定藥物教育介入方案以及後續研究之參考。
The main purpose of the study was to explore the MDMA-using behavior among the youths. The study was qualitative in nature and the data were collected via in-depth interview and observation. Five participants who had used MDMA with age between twenty-one and twenty-eight years old participated in the study. Based on the interpretation, analysis, and induction of the data, the main findings of the study were summarized as follows: 1.Personality, peer group, night club’s climate and media report were the main factors related to MDMA-using behavior among the five youths. 2.The five youths obtained MDMA tablets mainly though interpersonal deal and the average amount of usage of MDMA was half to four tablets each time. 3.the frequency of using MDMA among the youth was variant and usually associated with festivals. Polydrug using behavior was obvious among the youths. 4. the positive effects of MDMA facilitated the using behavior among the youth. On the other hand, the negative effects of MDMA made them aware the risks of the drug. The youths would not have realized the hazards of MDMA until they suffered from it.
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