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Title: 產婦對產後性生活衛教需求研究
Other Titles: Postpartum Women's Sexual Health Educational Needs: A Qualitative Study
Authors: 陳絳桃
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究目的旨在探討產婦對產後性生活之衛生教育需求,以期作為日後發展產後性生活衛生教育模式之參考依據。採質性研究方法,收樣地點在北部某一級大教學醫 院婦產科病房,以20~35歲且無合併症之產後三天內住院產婦為收案對象,共計九位產婦接受訪談,以20~35歲且無合併症之產後三天內住院產婦為收案對 象,共計九產婦竊訪談,運用半結構及高結構會談指引為研究工具收集資料,以現場錄音方式記錄其會談內容,並以言辭分析法進行資料分析。結果呈現產婦對產後 性生活之衛教需求包包兩個主題,分別是「理想衛教雛形」與「衛教訊息之需求」。產婦對產後性生活之理想衛教雛形包括「配偶接受衛教之考量」、「書面自學教 育之媒體偏好」、「產後衛教模式之設定」與「創意衛教點子之融入」;所需之衛教訊息內容包括「避孕方法的認識與選用技巧」、「產後性生理健康促進」、「產 後性懂理健康促進」與「夫妻性表達之促進」四項內涵。本研以女性觀點探討產後性生活衛教需求之研究結果,將有助於提供醫護專業人員在提供產後性生活衛教之 參考,與未來產後性生活衛教模式之擬定。
The purpose of the study is to explore the postpartum women’s sexual health educational needs, in order to be a reference of the construction of postpartum women’s sexual health educational model. A qualitative study for postpartum women’s health educational needs was developed because the literature review revealed no related reports on this subject. Interview contents were examined using the narrative analysis approach. The research was able to identify two themes related to women’s’ health educational needs: 1) The ideal form of instruction, and 2) the message content. The ideal form of sexual health instruction for the postpartum women includes four subthemes: “Suggesting the ideal form of instruction”, and “The creative instructional ideas”. The sexual health messages should include these four dimensions: “The contraceptive adoption guide”, “Physical sexual health promotion”, “Psychosexual health promotion”, and “Sexual expression with their partner”. This women-centered view of the postpartum women’s sexual health needs can help health professionals understand and educate their clients about women’s sexuality during the early postpartum period, and with the development of the postpartum sexual health education in the future.
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