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Title: 應用改變階段模式於運動行為之研究
Other Titles: Application of the Stages of Change Model to Exercise Behavior among College Female Students
Authors: 林旭龍
Issue Date: Dec-2001
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究運用自我研發之結構式問卷(內含運動自我效能、知覺運動障礙與知覺運動利益三個分量表)、Marcus & Simkin (1993)之運動階段分類量表作為工具,其目的旨在驗證跨理論模式中之改變階段模式應用到運動行為上時,能否區別運動自我效能、有關運動的決策權衡等心 理變項之差異。研究對象係以國內大學女生73名經簽署同意書之自願者為對象,接受儀器配戴之活動量消耗監測(另篇探討)以及與本論文有關之問卷調查。 研究結果顯示本研究所研發之結構式問卷量表,具有良好之內部一致性信度(Cronback’s α=.87~.89)、兩週後再測信度(Spearman rho=.77~.90)與構念效度,可用於影響大學女生運動行為心理變項(運動自我效能、知覺運動障礙與知覺運動利益)之施測。Marcus & Simkin (1993)所研發之運動階段分類量表亦具有良好之內部一致性信度(K-R=.84)、再測信度(The Kappa coefficient of agreement=.81)與效度。而跨理論模式中之改變階段模式具有良好之效度,可區別影響運動行為之心理變項(Pillai’s Trace=.793, F(12,204)=6.106, p<.001, multivariate η2=.264)。經此驗證結果,改變階段模式可用於運動行為影響因子以及介入策略等有關之研究。
The purpose of this study was to examine the validity and utility of the Stage of Change Model. A self-developed structured questionnaire including self-efficacy for exercise scale, perceived barriers to exercise scale, perceived benefits of exercise scale, with Exercise Stage instrument created by Marcus & Simkin were used to this research. 73 female college students were recruited to participate in this study. The results revealed that the structured questionnaire in this study have excellent internal consistency (Conbach’s α=.87~.89), test-retest reliability (Spearman’s rho=.77~.90)and construct validity. The Exercise Stage Instrument also has excellent internal consistency (K-R 20=.84), and test-retest reliability (The Kappa coefficient of agreement=.81). Meanwhile, the validity of the stages of Change Model was verified. Significant differences were revealed in three psychological variables (self-efficacy for exercise, perceived barriers to exercise, and perceived benefits of exercise). (Pillai’s Trace-.793, F(12,204)=6.106, p<.001, multivariateη2=.264). The Stage of Change Model can be used extensively in the further research on health behavior and related intervention strategies.
Other Identifiers: C217CA10-85B3-8A2F-7C8F-5D246C32DA7C
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