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Title: 衛生教育指導對未通過首次聽力篩檢之新生兒產婦的焦慮程度、知識、信念之影響研究
Other Titles: The Study on the Influences of the Health Education Instructions on the Anxiety Degree, Knowledge, and Belief of the Mothers whose Newborn Baby Failed in First Hearing Screening Test
Authors: 閩嘉娜
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究以臺大醫院婦產科參加新生妔聽力篩檢首度未通過新生兒器親為樣本共113名,以隨機方式將其分成實驗組與對照組。重要結果如下: 一、研究對象介入前之信念中,新生兒聽障出院後聽力追蹤檢查利益信念分別與「流產次數」呈現負相關,「分娩方式剖腹產較自然產的利益信念較強」,並呈顯著 差異。 二、研究對象介入前,研究對象知識答對率只有58%;焦慮程度方面普遍得分較高;健康信念方面,「自覺新生兒聽障罹患性和嚴重性」得分偏低,「自覺新生兒 聽障出院後聽力追蹤檢查聽障礙信念」得分較低、並且「自覺新生兒聽障出院後聽力追蹤檢查利益性信念」得分較高,即研究對象較不感覺有障礙,利益性信念較為 正向。 三、實驗組在衛生教育介入後,其後測時之「新生兒聽力篩檢追蹤查知識」、「健康信念」、「焦慮程度」得分顯著優於前測。健康信念中只有「新生兒聽障出院後 聽力追蹤檢查利益和障礙性」項目與前測相較有顯著差異。 四、衛生教育介入後,實驗組與對照組在「新生兒聽力篩檢追蹤檢查知識、健康信念、焦慮程度」相較下有顯著差異。
This study is to focus on one hundred and thirteen mothers from Obstetric Ward of National Taiwan University Hospital, and their newborn babies have participated but failed to pass the first hearing screening test. The 113 subjects are random-sampled in the experimental group and the control group. The exclusive results are summarized as below: 1.Before the intervention of health education, the subjects’ perceived benefit of action in the follow up hearing test after discharge from the hospital is negatively related to abortion numbers. The perceived benefit of subjects’ action after Cesarean section is significantly stronger than that of those after natural spontaneous delivery. 2.Before the intervention, the correct rate for answering questionnaires of follow-up hearing test is 58%. The score in anxiety degree is high in general. Pertaining to the health beliefs, the scores are low for the perceived susceptibility and severity of hearing loss. The score for the perceived barrier of the follow-up hearing test after discharge from the hospital is lower, whereas that of the perceived benefit is higher. That means the study subjects feel less barred, and their benefit belief is more positive. 3.After the educational interventional, the experimental group shows significant improvement in items of health beliefs as well as the concept of follow-up hearing test and the anxiety in post-test. In the control group, significant improvement in the perceived benefit and barrier of follow-up hearing test is showed in post-test.
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