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Title: 家長預防子女藥物濫用親職教育工作坊介入成效評價研究
Other Titles: Effectiveness Evaluation of Parenting Workshop Intervention Focusing on the Prevention of Children's Substance Abuse
Authors: 劉潔心
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 青少年藥物濫用是多因子交互相影響的結果,預防方法除了普遍透過學校教育外,也應重視家庭教育對預防青少年藥物濫用的效果。本研究以「家長成長團體工作 坊」進行預防藥物濫用親職教育,包括課程活動、藥物濫用防製手冊以及媒體的介入,評估家長預防青少年藥物濫用的成效。研究採實驗組、控制組準實驗研究前後 測設計,資料以自編結構式問卷收集。實驗組招募學生家長共33人,對照組學生家長49人。研究結果實驗組與控制組在「藥物濫用知識」、「家庭連結」、「家 庭溝通」、「教導子女拒絕技巧」、「督導子女行為」以及「預防子女藥物濫用自我效能」等變項,均達顯著差異,顯示本研究介入模組對增進父母預防青少年子女 藥物濫用知識和技能,以及增強家庭之保護因子方面,有顯著成效。故建議(1)培養訓練師資推展課程(2)教材製成光碟或置於網站供下載推廣使用(3)建構 學校與社區預防藥物濫用防制網路,以達到預防青少年藥物濫用的目的。(4)積極宣導「藥物教育」理念,避免標籤化。
Adolescent substance abuse results from a multifactorial interaction. The preventive measures may emphasize the effect of family education on the prevention of adolescent substance abuse other than the widespread method through formal education. This study conducted parenting education focusing on the prevention of substance abuse through carrying out a workshop of parent growth group. Intervention strategies include course activity, a manual of substance abuse prevention and media. The effectiveness of the intervention was subsequently evaluated. A pretest-posttest control group study design was utilized and a self-developed structured questionnaire was used for data collection. A total of 33 parents were recruited for the experimental group and 49 parents were recruited for the control group. Results showed that parents in the experimental group and the control group were significantly different in substance abuse knowledge, family connectedness, family communication, educating children in refusal skills, overseeing children's behaviors and self- efficacy in preventing children's substance abuse. These results indicate that the educational module used in the study revealed significant effects on enhancing parents' knowledge and skills in preventing children's substance abuse and on reinforcing the protective factors of family. Recommendations include: (1) training teachers for promoting the educational module; (2) producing CD Roms of the teaching materials or uploading teaching materials for the promotion purpose; (3) constructing the preventive network in school and community for reaching the goal of substance abuse prevention among adolescents; (4) actively declaring and promoting the notion of drug education and avoiding labels.
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