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Title: 受戒治人員戒治前之用藥行為及有關性行為之研究
Other Titles: The Study on the Drug Using Behavior and Related Sexual Behavior of Incarcerated Prisoners
Authors: 林燕卿
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討受戒治人員戒治前之用藥及性行為的一般情形和影響因素。以分層集束抽樣方式,從法務部所屬戒治所,依北、中、南、東四區,各隨機抽取 一所,共2800人,扣除資料填寫不全者,實際樣本數為1909人。調查期間從90年3月1日至5月31日止,回收資料經以描述分析外,主以 ANOVA,t-test考驗不同性別在其用藥行為,同儕用藥壓力,用藥態度之差異性,及分析不同性別之第一次性交年齡、用藥頻率的差異,複迴歸、逐步迴 歸探討用藥、第一次性交行為的因素,所得結果如下: (一) 這些戒治人員所使用的藥物,以「酒」、「安非他命」、「海洛因」居多數。用藥的平均年齡在16-23歲之間,第一次性行為的年齡以15歲以上為最多 (68.84%),性行為的人數則是三人以上佔多數(66.68%)。懷孕的次數也是(三次以上),有三成的人未使用避孕方法及性行為前曾喝活、嗑藥。 (二) 女生在使用「安非他命」、「FM2」及「其他藥物」方面的頻率高於男生,但男生在同儕用藥壓力及同儕用藥態度比女生大且負向。 (三) 影響第一次性交年齡最重要的因素有性別、年齡、使用藥的頻率及性行為前曾用藥或飲酒。不同性別父母之用藥態度、教育程度對不同性別子女的第一次性交年齡有 相當大的影響。
This study was aimed at conferring the general conditions and influencing factors of Drug Using and Sexual Behavior in the incarcerate prisoners. The samples were taken from the Ministry of Justice Correctional System by Random Sampling method, and there were totally 1909 subjects in this study. Research started from 1 March, 2001 and finished on 31 May, 2001. The obtained data was processed by different statistic methods. ANOVA and t-test was conducted to analyze the differences between genders in drug using behavior, drug using pressure from the peers, and drug using attitude. Besides, it also analyzed the differences between genders in the age of having first sexual behavior, and the frequence of using drugs. Moreover, regression approaches were employeed to confer the factors influenced drug using and the age of having the first sexual behavior. The results are found as followings: (1) Most prisoners were alcohol, Ampetamine, Herion addicts. The average age of using drugs is located at 16-23 years old. Most subjects had first sexual behavior above 15years old (68.84%). Besides, most subjects have above 3 sexual partners (66.68%), and the female subjects had more than 3 times of pregnancy. Our result also indicated that above 30%of prisoners never used contraceptives and were drank and took drug before having sex. (2) Female subjects use Amphetamine, FM2 and other drugs were more frequently than male subjects. However, male subjects faced more peer pressure than females, and their drug using attitudes are also more negative than females. (3) The most important factors of influencing the age of having first sexual behavior are gender, age, drug using frequency, and whether drink or take drug before sex. Parents’ drug using attitude, and education level also make a great impact on sons and daughters.
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