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Title: 我國大學通識生死教育課程設計之研究
Other Titles: Study of Curriculum Design on Life and Death for College's General Education--The Application of the Delphi Technique
Authors: 吳美宜
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究旨在建構我國大學通識生死教育課程設計的基本構面與內涵。首先根據國內、外相關文獻,探討有關生死教育課程設計原則,同時歸納整理我國二十七所大學 通識中心於網路公佈的生死教育課程實施現況後,研擬「我國大學通識生死教育課程設計之基本內涵」德懷術問卷初稿。研究採德懷術研究法,邀請二十八位生死教 育專家學者組成的德懷術專家群,完成來回三次之Delphi問卷調查。 根據研究發現,歸納出下列結論:大學通識生死教育課程設計包含七大基本構面,即:開課方式、教學目標、教學內容、教學方法與活動、教學評量、教學資源及師 資。其中開課方式應考慮「選修/必修」、「學分數」及「單獨設科/融入式教學」等共有五項層面,教學目標上應涵蓋「知識、資訊分享」、「情意、信念、態度 與價值澄清」及「技能、技巧與調適行為」三大層面,共有十四項內涵“教學內容可區分為「死亡的本質及意義」、「對死亡及瀕死態度」、「死亡及瀕死的處理調 適」及「特殊問題的討論」等四大層面,共有十八項內涵。教學方法與活動共十五項內涵。教學評量包括「認知層面」、「情意層面」及「技能層面」等三大層面。 教學資源方面則分「選擇生死教育教材原則」及「教學資源種類」二大層面。而教學師資方面分「認知」、「情意」、「技能」三大層面,共有二十項內涵。最後根 據結論,分別針對大學通識生死教育課程設計及未來研究提出建議。
This research is for the purpose of developing basic dimensions and content of the general education of life and death curriculum designed for college. In order to reach this goal, the researcher first reviewed the literature related life and death education curriculum principle of design, simultaneously reorganized the center of general education of 27 college announced life and death general education curriculum of present situation from network, drawing up the primal Delphi questionnaire for "the basic dimensions of the general education curriculum of life and death designed for college". The research method adopted in this study is Delphi Technique Method. First, a 28 Delphi technique experts group was invited, which the experts composed life and death to educate. After completing three times the Delphi questionnaire survey, they developed the basic dimensions and the content of the life and death general education curriculum designed for college. Finally, the proposal based on the findings was putting forward and offering colleges to set up the general education of life and death curriculum reference. According to the findings, the researcher induced the following conclusions: The design of the general education of life and death curriculum contains seven basic domains, namely, method of setting up a course, the goal of teaching, the content course, the teaching method and activity, evaluation, the teaching resources and the teacher condition. The method of teacher's teaching a course has five items; teaching goal, altogether 14 items; the content, altogether 18 items; the teaching method and the activity, altogether 15 items; teaching resources, altogether 10 items; teacher condition, altogether 20 items. According to the conclusion of this study, there are some suggestions proposed as the following: the suggestion of constructing high quality support system of life and death education, curriculum design, teacher condition, and further research.
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