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Title: 影響臺灣阿美族青少年飲酒行為的心理社會因素
Other Titles: Psychosocial Determinants of Drinking Behavior among Ami Adolescents in Taiwan
Authors: 葉美玉
Issue Date: Dec-2002
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 過去阿美族青少年的問題飲酒行為,心理社會因素之外,涵化被認為是主要因素之一。晚近的研究發現,阿美族是臺灣原住民族群涵化最深的一支族群,相較於布農 族、泰雅族與排灣族,也是問題飲酒嚴重性較低的群。本研究旨在以209位阿美族青少年為研究對象,利用結構方程式分析阿美族青少年飲酒行為的心理社會模 式,結果發現直接影響阿美族青少年問題飲酒的主因,包括同儕飲酒行為、父母情感依附、自我效能。至於涵化概念、父母飲酒行為與自我心皆非直接的影響因素。
Besides psychosocial factors, acculturation was thought to be one of the major causes of Ami adolescent drinking behavior. Latest studies discovered that Ami is most acculturated aboriginal tribe and has the least drinking population among Bunun, Atayal, and paiwan in Taiwan. This study used 209 Ami adolescents as subjects. It employed a structure equation formula to analyze the psychosocial modes of Ami adolescent drinking behavior. The study found out that the main causes of drinking among Ami adolescent include peer drinking behavior, parental attachment and self-efficacy. Acculturation, parental drinking behavior and self-image are not the direct determinants of drinking behavior among Ami adolescents.
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