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Title: 南區專科學生身體意象與社交適應行為相關性之研究
Other Titles: Body Image and Social Adaptation Behavior of Junior College Students in Southern Taiwan
Authors: 江承曉
Issue Date: Jun-2002
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究的目的在了解專科學生的身體意象,身體意象與社交適應行為的相關及其影響因素。本研究以臺南、高雄地區之專科學院或專科學校學生為母群體,採分層集 束抽樣,隨機抽取臺南、高雄地區總共十所學校,以郵寄方式寄發本研究之量表,委託抽樣學校之教師以班級為單位,進行團體施測,共得有效樣本1147人。 本研究有以下幾點結論:(1)專科學生之身體質量指數(BMI),為正常或過瘦者,佔大部分,然而專科學生之身體意象卻呈現負向感受,經常或總是覺得自己 太胖。有大部分的專科學生,不滿意自己的身材及身體各部份比例。專科學生之實際體型與自我身體意象,有顯著的差異存在。(2)性別與身體意象,有顯著的差 異存在,女性顯著較男性不滿意自己的身材與外表。(3)在預測專科學生人際關係時,年齡、性別、身體意象為顯著之預測變項,解釋量13.0%。年齡越大、 女性、身體意象越負向,其人際關係越差。(4)在預測專科學生之異性交往時,身體質量指數、性別、身體意象皆為顯著之預測變項,解釋量13.4%。身體質 量指數越高、女性、身體意象越負向,其異性交往行為越差。(5)在預測專科學生整體之社交適應行為時,年齡、性別、身體意象為顯著之預測變項,解釋量 17.4%。年齡越大,女性、身體意象越負向,其整體社交適應行為越差。
The purpose of this study was to understand junior college students’ body image and to investigate the relationship of body image and social adaptation behavior. The data were collected from a sample of 1147 junior college students across from different grades among ten schools at southern Taiwan in this study. Results of the study showed that most of junior college students had expected themselves with more slim body figure the spite of their actual body figure. There were significant different between body image and body figure. Females had more negative body image. Age, gender and body image can be applied to predict 13.0% junior college students’ interpersonal relationship and 17.4% social adaptation behavior. The females, olders, whom with more negative body image, had the worse interpersonal relationship and the worse social adaptation behavior. BMI, gender and body image can be utilized to predict 13.4% junior college students’ gender interaction. The females, olders, who with bigger BMI and more negative body image, had the worse gender interaction.
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