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Title: 桃園縣國中生外表取向、身體滿意度與飲食行為
Other Titles: The Appearance Orientation, Body Satisfaction and Dietary Behavior of Junior High School Students in Taoyuan County
Authors: 曾美娟
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究的目的在瞭解桃園縣國中生外表取向、身體滿意度與飲食行為之現況,探討影響外表取向、身體滿意度與飲食行為之個人背景因素,以及外表取向和身體滿意 度分別與飲食行為之相關情形。以桃園縣國中生為研究對象,採隨機集束抽樣法,隨機抽出四所學校,各校各年級隨機抽出一班,共十二個班級為施測對象,有效樣 本為427名。研究工具為外表取向量表、身體滿意度量表與飲食行為量表,另收集個人背景資料。研究結果如下:(一)國中生外表取向的得分為3.33分 (SD=1.15),對於身高、體重與身體各部位最不滿意度的是體重,均衡飲食狀況以牛奶和水果的攝取最差,高熱量食物攝取頻率以含糖飲料及休閒食品最 多。(二)在本研究所選取的個人及其背景資料包括性別、年級、身體質量指數與父母親教育程度等因素當中,影響外表取向的是性別與父親教育程度;影響身體滿 意度的為性別、年級與身體質量指數;影響飲食行為的是性別、年級與父母親教育程度。(三)外表取向及身體各部位滿意度與均衡飲食狀況呈正相關 (r=.157, p<.01; r=.152, p<.01) 和低熱量攝食技巧亦為正相關 (r=.175, p<.01; r=.129, p<.01) 而與高熱量食物攝取頻率呈負相關 (r=-.097, p<.05; r=-.133, p<.01)。
The purpose of this study was to understand the current status of junior high school students' appearance orientation, body satisfaction and dietary behavior. This study would also explore the personal factors affecting, and the relationship among those three aspects mentioned above. By using random cluster sampling, junior high school students from Taoyuan county were selected to answer a questionnaire based survey. The samples came from four junior high schools, one class for each grade, and 12 classes at all, with 427 effective responses. Research tools included personal information, appearance orientation scale, body satisfaction scale and dietary behavior scale. Study results included following findings: 1. The study showed that the study subjects had positive appearance orientation (the scores=3.33), the lowest score of body satisfaction was the weight, and the few intakes of milk and fruit were the worst parts of balanced dietary behaviors. Carbonated drink and snack foods were the main sources of high calorie. 2. Factors that effect junior high school students' appearance orientation included gender and father's level of education. The personal factors that affect junior high school students' body satisfaction were gender, grade and BMI. Besides, factors that effect junior high school students' dietary behavior were gender, grade and parents' level of education. 3. Appearance orientation and body satisfaction appeared to have a positive relationship with balanced diets (r=.157, p<.01; r=.152, p<.01) and low calorie intakes skill (r=.175, p<.01; r=.129, p<.01), but an inverse relationship with high calorie intakes (r=-.097, p<.05; r=-.133, p<.01).
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