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Title: 死亡教育對某大學學生生命最後規劃的影響之前實驗研究
Other Titles: A Pre-experimental Study on the Influence of Death Education on the Last Planning of the Life of Some College Students
Authors: 陳錫琦
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解某大學學生生命最後規劃的意願及死亡教育對其生命最後規劃意願的影響為何。研究對象有99人,依有無接受死亡教育,分為實驗組與控制組,採 靜態設計;以研究者自編之結構式問卷(Cronbach α=.71)做為後測蒐集資料的工具。研究結果顯示,研究對象的生命最後規劃內容可概分為降低死亡焦慮、完成個人心願及留下生命光輝三大類,十六個項目; 不同性別的研究對象其生命最後規劃部分內容有顯著的差異,死亡教育對研究對象生命最後規劃的降低死亡焦慮有顯著的影響。最後本研究針對結果加以討論,並提 出可做為死亡教育及生命教育等相關科目,設計教學內容及教學方法參考之建議。
The purposes of this study were to understand the wish of the last planning of the life of some college students and to realize what influence of death education would be on them. The subjects were 99 college students and they were grouped into experimental or control group according to whether they had attended the course of death education or not. The static-group comparison design was adopted. The instrument administered was a scale(Cronback α.=71) developed by the research. The results indicated that the contents of the last planning of life of the subjects were 16 items, and they could be grouped into three types---reducing the anxiety to death, to reach one’s with and to remain one’s life brilliant, and some of them would be significant difference by gender difference by gender difference. And the last planning of the life of the subjects would be influenced significantly by death education. Finally, the results of this study are discussed and its application to the teaching material and method about death education were suggested.
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