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Title: 原住民國語文低成就學童文化與經驗本位補救教學成效之研究
Other Titles: The Effectiveness of a Remedial Reading Program for Underachieving Aboriginal Students in Taiwan
Authors: 陳淑麗
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的是檢驗補救教學是否能夠有效提昇原住民低成就學童的語文能力。研究以臺東市78 位國語文低成就的原住民學童為對象,採準實驗設計,實驗組和控制組各有47 和31 人。補救教學以小組進行,教學實驗共進行75 節。研究主要發現有四:(一)原住民國語文低成就學童的語文能力,經過補救教學有顯著的提升,但二年級主要在低階的識字能力進步較明顯,三年級則在聽寫以 及高層次閱讀理解也有明顯的成效;(二)實驗組在語文能力的學習成效比控制組佳,但以前測為共變的成效比較,兩組學童只在高層次的寫作能力有顯著差異; (三)實驗組有23.4%的學童,經過補救教學其國語文能力可以回到同儕水準,如排除身心障礙兒童,僅分析一般學童,則有40% 的學童達到一般學童的水準,而控制組僅有3.2%從低成就回到同儕水準。(四)成本效益分析指出,和轉介至特殊教育後的花費比較起來,本研究所提供的轉介 前閱讀補救教學,不但低成本高效益高,而且及早協助學生達到同儕水準。
This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of an 11-week reading remedial program for 2nd- and 3rd-grade underachieving aboriginal students in Taiwan. Seventy-eight low-achieving aboriginal students from Taitung City participated in the study. They were divided into two groups, with 47 in the experimental group and 31 in the control group. The researchers provided seventy-five 40-minute sessions for a total of eleven weeks. The program was conducted in small groups. The four major findings are as follows: 1. The reading ability of the participants in the experimental group improved significantly as a whole; the 2nd-graders improved in the recognition of low-level characters, while the 3rd-graders improved in high-level dictation skills and reading comprehension. 2. The experimental group outperformed the control group with regard to scores of all reading skills; however, when pretests were used as a co-variate, the former significantly outperformed the latter only with regard to high-level composition writing skill. 3. After the remedial program, 11 (23.4%) out of 47 experimental group students achieved the reading level of their same-age peers. Furthermore, if children with disabilities were excluded from the experimental group, 40% of this group achieved the reading level of the same-age group. 4. A cost-effectiveness analysis revealed that, compared with the cost of referral to special education for these students, the pre-referral remedial reading program is feasible, and should be implemented as soon as possible to give much-needed help to these children.
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