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Title: Examinations of Learning Needs and Learning Satisfactions among Non-traditional Students
Other Titles: 檢視非傳統學生之學習需求及學習滿意度: 以臺灣中部某專科學校進修課程為例
Authors: 傅啟榮
Issue Date: Apr-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文主要在研究大專推廣教育非傳統學生之學習需求以及探討學習需求與滿意度的關係,本研究針對大專推廣教育非傳統學生之個人變數、學習需求及滿意度等相關變數分別檢視其間的相關強度。結果發現,接受回流教育的非傳統學生其學習需求與性別、年齡、及經濟狀況等變數相關。研究結果也顯示,這些個人變數也與他們對學習的滿意度相關。其中,以工作相關因素為學習訴求的學生對課程安排、老師指導方式及師生關係的滿意度較差。而以自我成就為學習訴求的學生對課程及師生關係有較佳的滿意度。整體而言,目前的課程設計,無法滿足非傳統學生多樣化的學習需求,學生對學習的滿意度未能達到滿意的水準。回流教育最大的障礙,可能來自學生經濟壓力的因素。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the learning needs of non-traditional adult students in college extension degree programs and the relationship between these needs, the ways of meeting them and the degree to which they have been met. To determine whether the traditional educational setting is suitable for non-traditional students, demographic variables, four learning need factors and four need satisfaction factors were examined. The test results showed that there was a relationship between demographics and learning needs. Gender, age, and position were all factors contributing to the different needs of adult students re-entering school. The test results also showed that there was a relationship between demographics and their satisfaction. Those who sought job advancement and career change were not satisfied with their curriculum and method of instruction. Furthermore, those who had a clearer goal of job advancement were more dissatisfied with the interpersonal-related factors. However, the results also indicated that the adult students who were interested in individual achievement were more satisfied with the instructional- and interpersonal-related factors. Overall, the participants were not satisfied with the services that the school provided. The financial barrier was one of the biggest issues for most of the adult learners.
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