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Title: 國小六年級學童呼吸作用另有概念之質化研究
Other Titles: A Qualitative Study of Elementary School 6芌 Grade Students' Alternative Conceptions of Respiration
Authors: 高慧蓮
Issue Date: Apr-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究採用準實驗研究法輔以半結構式(semi-structure)晤談,探討學生在情境式網路輔助學習環境中的互動行為。研究樣本為台北市立某二所市立高級中學選修地球科學的社會組高二學生共132人(男生60人、女生72人)。本研究發現約六成的學生曾經參與互動討論,而這些學生在學習成效上的表現也都顯著優於未參與討論的學生。大部分學生認為網路非同步合作學習是個很好的學習方式與經驗,透過網際網路學生可以自由表達自己的意見和參考他人不同角度的觀點。晤談資料顯示當學生針對一個主題提供答案或提出個人解釋時,除了跟先前的知識建立連結外,面對不同觀點的刺激,學生也會自我反省及再次檢視自己意見。意見回饋調查發現,52.4%的學生對「學習工具的設置」感到滿意,經由晤談資料瞭解持正向看法的理由是,學生認為線上討論可以讓大家交流不同的意見,並刺激他們思考進而幫助學習。然而,晤談學生亦顯示少數學生抱怨線上討論效率差的原因如下:(1)有些討論主題太久或太少人回應或討論中斷;(2)純文字的討論容易造成線上討論流於聊天的形式。另外,被晤談學生提到老師若能同時參與線上討論,可以適時引導學生,使得學習更有效率。未來研究若能讓老師參與學生討論活動,透過提供鷹架支持的功能,營造更有效能的非同步討論合作學習環境。
Quasi-experimental method and semi-structured interview were used to collect data to explore the interactive process of a situated learning environment on the web. This study is situated in two city senior high schools and the selected 132 students major in social science (60 males and 72 females) from three classes. The data showed that four of the interviewed students who used the electronic notebook and online forum to communicate with other students performed better on the posttest of concepts with one standard deviation above the mean. This result infers that the learning tools like electronic notebooks and online forums can facilitate students construct knowledge and promote their comprehension in science concepts. The result of survey also showed that about half of students felt satisfied with the setting of the learning tools (electronic notebooks and online forums). Analysis of the interview data reveals the reasons for both the successful and ineffective online interaction. The reason for the successful online discussions is that different perspectives evoke thinking and help learning. The reasons for the ineffective online interaction are that (1) too few students participate in online discussion or no one responds for a long time in some topics; (2) the communication only in text form leads easily to use the online forum for the chatting purpose. The suggestions for future research are as follows: (1) adding animations and simulations into online forums for promotion of effective discussions; (2) the participation of teachers can provide the support of interaction for meaningful learning.
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