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Title: 費德曼《林肯畫傳》析論
Other Titles: An Analysis of Russell Freedman’s Lincoln: A Photography
Authors: 廖卓成
Cho-Cheng Liao
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 臺灣出版的兒童傳記數量相當多,寫得好的卻非常少,筆者曾撰文論述其中問題,並說明寫作應該注意之處。但對作家和讀者而言,具體的典範或許更有價值,所以本文選擇英文兒童文學界交口讚譽的費德曼(Russell Freedman)《林肯畫傳》(Lincoln: A Photobiography),試為分析,論述值得借鏡之處。本文主要採用比較法,一方面參考費德曼根據的材料,檢視其如何選用資料;為了幫助說明,筆者也引證費德曼的其他傳記作品。另一方面,對照其他林肯兒童傳記,凸顯費德曼的過人之處;同時,也援用敘事學的觀念,分析敘述者的態度。費德曼比較難得之處,是運用材料和敘事表達的功力。他的準備功夫充分,表現手法出眾,敘事既全面又深刻。他能抓住要領,以簡要的文字,突出傳主易為人忽略的方面,來引起讀者注意。吸引小讀者的關鍵場景,他一氣呵成地敘述描寫,傾注筆力,將行刺場景寫得生動、深刻、完整,卻沒有被行刺陰謀的來龍去脈吸引,偏離主線節外生枝。他也不在兒童傳記的敘事裡,涉入紛紜莫衷一是的爭論。他對傳主重要言論和戰時複雜的處境,能以簡御繁的扼要表現。敘事不過度簡化,所以深刻;不冗長拖沓,故能不損趣味。而且行文語調保持冷靜,不輕易插話議論,使讀者覺得不受牽引,能從容閱覽。費德曼《林肯畫傳》或者仍未臻無懈可擊之境,但已有眾多長處,值得我們參考。
Numerous biographies are published for children in Taiwan, many of which demonstrate narrative problems. Although the author previously wrote articles to reveal these flaws, highlightsan excellent work as a model should benefit biographical writers. Therefore, Freedman’s Lincoln: A Photography was analyzed; the book was awarded the 1988 Newbery Medal, making it the first biography to receive such an honor. Contemporary writers increasingly use pictures in their biographies for children, but few writers can achieve a narrative style that approaches Freedman’s level of excellent. Lincoln: A Photography was compared with other biographies of Lincoln that were written for children. Freedman completed extensive research before writing and chose suitable events for use in his books, he attracts the reader from the beginning of his story and his narratives regarding critical incidents excite reader interest. He clearly describes complex situations, and highlights the key points of extensive debates, maintaining a narrative distance from the story, remaining uncritical of relevant people, and inconspicuously guiding young readers. This style allows readers to familiarize themselves with the biographee in way that both respect the readers and deeply affects them throughout the narrative. Writers have much to learn from Freedman’s Lincoln: A Photography.
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