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Title: 國小學童對體積測量的認識
Other Titles: Elementary School students' Ability in Measuring Volume
Authors: 林仁得
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本測驗在於探討學童學習體積、容積時概念的形成,包括學童對於「測量」的涵義之了解及度量的操作技能之發展。將「測量」概念依難易程度分成:(a) 對該屬性的確認、比較及排序,(b)應用現成的工具度量,(c)能權宜的運用方便的工具和選用合適的單位,(d)等值換算不同單位的度量值,(e)靈活運用度量策略等五個層次。測試結果顯示一年級的學童都已具有(a)居次的能力,二、三年級學生具有(b)及(c)層次的能力,對於解決體積度量的問題皆能提出多種的策略。四年級的學童對於不同單位問的度量值能夠了解等值換算的意義並做實際換算,至於靈活的應用其他觀測量來間接的估算體積,這種度量策略則均未能提出,表示平時教學上未能普遍地以生活化的問題當題材,或是相關的知識尚未充份具備,致使未能實際而有效的解決問題。
The goal of this study is to find out the way how students form theconcept of volume and make successful measurements. We divide the profound significance of measurement into five levels (a) Indentifying.comparing, and ranking the attributes,(b) Using a convenient instrument toread accurately and record the data correctly, (c)Selecting a proper substitutive tool and choosing a suitable unit for a measurement task, (d)comprehending the meaning of unit and making equivalent conversions, and(e) Applying the relationship between the attributes and effective to ameasurement problem. The results of this study show that most of the first graders have alreadyreached level (a), the second and third grade students have reached levels (b)and (c) they can suggest one or two stratagies for solving measurementproblems. The fourth grade students have reached level (d). However, most students before the fourth grade failed when they faceda more flexible problem. In order to solve such a problem, they need theability of suggesting a clever method as well as a clear concept of all attributerelationships. This fact reveals that most of the students before grade fourare poor in these relative knowledge and are not ready to solve such king ofproblems.
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