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Title: 整合性過程導向寫作教學法對國小兒童寫作品質及寫作歷程的影響
Other Titles: Effects of Process-Oriented Writing Teaching Program on Elementary School Children's Qualuty of Writing and Writing Process
Authors: 郭生玉
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的在探討整合性過程導向寫作教學法對國小兒童之寫作品質、寫作品質之遷移效果及寫作歷程的影響,並分析教學成效是否因先前語文能力不同而有差異。另外亦進一步探討此寫作教學之教學內容與教學策略漸次介入的成效,以提供簡化此套寫作教學的參考。本研究對象係自台北縣新莊國小四年級全體學生中,依其先前語文能力分為低、中、高三個等級。再就先前語文能力高低及人數比例,分居隨機抽取低語文能力者28名、中語文能力者26名、高語文能力者26名,並隨機分派各語文能力水準者半數至實驗組,半數至控制組。實驗組學生接受每週一次,每次80分鐘,共計十二次的整合性過程導向寫作教學,控制組學生則接受一般寫作教學,而後比較實驗組和控制組學生在記敘文之寫作品質、說明文之寫作品質及寫作歷程上的差異。研究結果發現:1整合性過程導向寫作教拳法對國小兒童在記敘文的寫作品質及寫作歷程上,均具有增進的效果,但對說明文的寫作品質,未具遷移效果;2就記敘文之寫作品質、說明文之寫作品質及寫作歷程之「計畫階段」、「轉譯階段」與「回顧階段」而言,整合性過程導向寫作教學法的教學效果,並不因先前語文能力水準的不同而有差異存在;3實驗組學生在記敘文的寫作品質,隨著寫作教學次數的增加而有漸增的現象,控制組則無。
The purposes of this reasearch are to investigate (l)the main effects of the " ProcessOriented Writing Teaching Program (POWTP)" on the quality and process of writing,(2)the effects of POWTP on the children of different language abilities, and (3)the progressive effects of the teaching contents and teaching strategies of the POWTP. Thefeasibility of the program for elementary students' writing instruction is also explored. This study adopts the two-factor experimental design. The subjects are 80 fourthgrade students, random selected from an elementary school in Taipei County. Then theyare randomly assigned to the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group receive twelve weeks POWTP and the control group did not receive thespecial training program. Three instruments are used in this study. They are Writing Scaling, Expository Writing Scaling, and Writing Process Interview Scaling. The obtained data are analyzed by two-way ANOVA to test the writing performanceprogress and tansfer effects of the program, and by two-way mixed design ANOVA totest the gradual effect of the program.The findings are as follows:1. The POWTP has positive and optimistical effect. Through POWPT, two writing variables, the quality and process of writing, have got significant difference, but shows no significant transferring effects on the improvement of expository writing.2. There is no interaction between "group" and "ability" on all dependent variables. In terms of the teaching effect of POWTP on the children of different language abilities, the experimental group is better than control group.3. There is interaction between "group" and "assessment stage" on the quality of writing. In the experimental group, the quality of writing would increase gradually with the exposure of POWTP. The results are discussed and there are some suggestions about the program andsuggestions for the future research.
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