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Title: Remarks on the Phonological Structure of Mandarin Chinese
Other Titles: 論國語的音韻結構
Authors: 黃黃金
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本論文主要在探討國語的音韻結構,共分四部份討論之:(一)音位和它們的實際發音情形;(二)音韻成份;(三)詞音位的變化;(四)音位的排列次序和組成。在本論文中,首先我們提出國語有十九個輔音,五個元音,四聲調和一個輕聲調。接著,我們分析每一個音位的組成分子。然後我們探討國語中詞音位的變化情形。最後我們討論國語中音位的排列次序和組成情形。
In this paper, we will discuss the phonological structure of Mandarin Chinese in four categories: (1) the phonemes and their phonetic realization, (2) the phonological components, (3) the morphophonemes, and (4) phonotactics. Here we propose that Mandarin Chinese has 19 phonemic consonants and 5 distinctive vowels, in addition to 4 tones plus a neutral tone. We analyze each phoneme into their respective phonological components. Then we discuss the morphophonemic alternants. Finally we utilize some diagrams to illustrate the possible sequences and combinations of sounds in the language.
Other Identifiers: EE5AD5EE-1300-89B3-6543-75C458CD0CE2
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