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Title: The Results of Student Ratings
Other Titles: 「學生評鑑教師教學」之結果:紙筆與網路調查的比較
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究主要是比較紙筆調查與網路調查對於「學生評鑑教師教學」結果的差異性。研究對象為九十學年度第一學期國立花蓮師範學院大學部所開設的624門課,包含一年級198(31.73%)門、二年級161(25.80%)、三年級146(23.40%)以及四年級119(19.07%)門,研究工具為「國立花蓮師範學院教學意見反映調查表」共包含四個層面;「準備與計畫」、「教材與內容」、「教法與技巧」、「作業與評鑑」。 研究結果顯示在學生評鑑教師教學所有四個層面及總分,紙筆調查所得的結果都顯著的高於網路調查的結果。在所有的班級中,有573(91.8%)門課,紙筆調查的平均分數高於網路調查的結果。相對的,只有51(3.2%)門課,網路調查的結果高於紙筆調查的結果。研究結果顯示紙筆調查的方式比網路調查的方式,更容易讓學生給任課教師較高的評鑑分數。
The purpose of this study was to compare the results of student ratings of their instructors via paper a nd online surveys. The s ample consisted of students a t 624 undergraduate courses at National H ualien Teachers College in the fall semester of 2001:198 (31.73%) freshman courses, 161 (25.80%) sophomore courses, 146 (23.40%) junior courses, and 119 (19.07%) senior courses. The instrument was the Students' Rating of Instructors (SRI) form developed in 1995 at this college. The SRI form was composed of 13 questions rated on a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from "strongly agree" (5 points) to "strongly disagree" ( I point). These 13 items were clustered around four teaching factors: Preparation/Planning, Material/Content, Method/Skill, and Assignments/Examination. The scores on these four factors were added to give the total score (rating) for a faculty member. The paper scores are significantly higher than the online scores for all of the evaluation items. There are 573 (91.8%) courses for which the average total paper evaluation score is higher than the average total online evaluation score, but only 51 (8.2%) courses for which the average total online score is higher than the average total paper score. These results indicate that the majority of students in all courses give the instructors a higher score when they evaluate them using the more traditional method: sitting in the classroom and using paper forms.
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